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Autism: Treatment Options

As no single cause of ASD has yet been identified, there is also no single recognized treatment for ASD. In fact, many people will tell you there is no treatment for ASD and no hope of your child ever developing meaningful relationships. This is what the Kaufmans (founders of The Son-Rise Program) were told when their son Raun (current CEO of the Autism Treatment Center of America) was diagnosed with severe Autism. The Kaufmans decided not to believe this bleak prognosis and went on to create The Son-Rise Program. Since then other forms of treatment have emerged.

Currently, there is a bewildering array of treatments available for ASD, all claiming to be effective. As a parent, it is important to assess the different options and choose a therapy that feels good to you and to which your child responds.

Here is a brief list of some of the most popular current treatments for autism spectrum disorder.

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