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The Start-Up Program Reviewed (Continued)

What Some Say About Our Autism Education Program

“The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up is the most wonderful experience I have ever had in my life. Directly, it showed me the most natural, practical way of dealing with Autism and helping autistic children. Indirectly, it changed me from a pessimist to an optimist, from expecting to appreciating, from judgmental to nonjudgmental, from angry to loving, from sad to happy. This is the greatest spiritual experience I have ever had.”

Name: V. Prasad Y. Occupation: Software Developer State: New Jersey Child: Charitha Diagnosis: Autism

“The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up has been the most sensational week of my professional life and the most memorable week of all. It never once openly challenged the commonly held beliefs about Autism (based on research, studies, etc.), but by the end of the week, I had come to challenge so many of them myself. How liberating! The doors are now open for me to see my children anew and with limitless possibilities. Previously, it was my ‘professional’ beliefs that were creating the limits; now, my beliefs in the power of the children are the key to reaching the stars. Thank you.”

Name: Anne M. Occupation: Special Education Teacher Country: Australia Child: Erin, 4 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up has been the most wonderful week of our lives. Before we came, I felt hopeless, depressed and didn’t know in which direction to turn. At last I have answers to all the questions that had remained unanswered by the professionals. I can’t wait to get home and get started. Thank you, Son-Rise Program®, for giving us so much hope.”

Name: Helen O. Occupation: Full-Time Mom State: England Child: Matthew, age 5 Diagnosis: Suspected Autism Spectrum Disorder

“These 5 days are way up there among the most moving and professionally and personally relevant to my life. What a privilege to be surrounded by such joy, love, hope and extraordinarily crafted teaching. What a thrill to watch 50 parents move from pain and confusion to confidence and commitment, determined to be the loving agents of change for their special children and their entire families. The attitudes, principles and techniques are those I teach and use daily in my work—and I have now learned how to convey them with a whole new level of energy, excitement and enthusiasm. Thank you!”

Name: Linda B. H., PhD Occupation: Child Psychologist/Play Therapist State: Florida

“The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up has shown me the way to appreciate who my son is today, to hope and dream for what I want him to be tomorrow and the techniques for loving, accepting and teaching him what he is open to learning. For any parent of a special child, I would HIGHLY recommend the program.”

Name: Lyn S. Occupation: Son-Rise Program® Mom State: Ohio Child: 2 1/2 years old Diagnosis: PDD, Mild Autism

“To not go is to say no. No to opportunity, no to your child, no to yourself, no to the future that can be. Never say no. Try it. If it doesn’t help you in some way, I’ll refund the money.”

Name: Dave P. Occupation: CEO Country: Canada Child: Kilee, 3 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up has taught me that my child is special, not abnormal. I have learned how to accept him naturally and love me more. It was not so earlier—I would always blame my luck for having an abnormal kid. This program has taught me to defy logic and achieve what the world says is impossible.”

Name: Sandeep S. Occupation: Sales/Marketing Country: India Child: Sachin, 3 years old Diagnosis: PDD/Autism

“After hundreds of hours of research on every type of treatment or therapy available around the world, I chose The Son-Rise Program® and will always be indebted to the Kaufmans and staff for showing me the way for Blake to join our family. What a wondrous life this is.”

Name: Sam T. Occupation: Sales Branch Manager State: Georgia Child: 3 1/2 years old Diagnosis: PDD/NOS

“If you are unhappy with your child with special needs, The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up gives you the most beautiful opportunity to see your child’s beauty and make him/her blossom, while you yourself grow into a more peaceful, joyous, strong and loving person as you go along.”

Name: Arnold L. Occupation: Consultant/Director Country: Netherlands Child: Jasper, 12 years old Diagnosis: PDD-NOS

“The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up transformed my thinking about my child from what couldn’t be to what can be. It teaches you to see your special child with new eyes. Eyes that accept them and love them exactly as they are with hope for a limitless future of possibilities.”

Name: Jean P. Occupation: Homemaker State: Massachusetts Child: Cara, 2 years old Diagnosis: Down’s Syndrome

“The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up was the most valuable week I have spent. It’s nice not to feel devastated by my situation but to see it as a fantastic opportunity. I am looking so forward to going home and getting stuck into ‘playing’ with my son and opening up new worlds to both of us. I am going home equipped with tools and knowledge to let my son shine!”

Name: Melanie S. Occupation: Homemaker State: Texas Child: 2 years old Diagnosis: Developmentally Delayed

“I had been searching for help for 5 years now—The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up has been a prayer answered. Here you can finally feel at home and be surrounded by people who lovingly care for you and your special child. You are taught very valuable techniques to assist your child but, most of all, you are taught how to love yourself and your child so that learning and growth can be accomplished. Thank you.”

Name: Wendy M. Occupation: Flight Attendant State: Massachusetts Child: Kayleigh, 7 years old Diagnosis: Developmentally Delayed

“The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up is the most invaluable, profound program I have ever attended. If you have a child who is ‘different,’ it is essential that you attend this program. The information you receive and the process you go through changes your child’s life. I will be forever grateful.”

Name: Marianne L. Occupation: Attorney State: Michigan Child: Camden, 8 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up teaches about loving and accepting your child and appreciating her. It also teaches one very important thing and that is HOPE. I have so much more hope now and confidence in my child and in myself. I would definitely recommend this powerful, powerful program for children with special needs. It will change your life as it changed mine.”

Name: Ola H. Occupation: Housewife State: Michigan Child: Maggie, 3 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“I would love if each person of a special child could have the life-changing experience of The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up. You will reach deep inside yourself to discover your feelings. You will learn to love and appreciate your child in a way you never knew possible. You will become a tight-knit family with others here. You will meet a group of remarkable, unparalleled teachers who are infinitely talented in the field of helping you and your special one.”

Name: Kimberly H. Occupation: Office Worker State: Pennsylvania Child: 2 years old Diagnosis: Speech Delay/Autistic Tendencies

“I knew there was a key that would open a world of possibilities for Julianna. When I stumbled upon The Son-Rise Program® on the Internet and began reading about it, I got goose bumps all over and started to cry. In my heart I knew this was it. As we near the conclusion of our Son-Rise Program® Start-Up, I am fully inspired and eternally gratefully.”

Name: Victoria P. Occupation: Human Resources Director State: California Child: Julianna, 3 years old Diagnosis: PDD

“The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up was an eye-opener. I learned more about my son’s Autism in 5 days than I had in the past 6 months. I also learned quite a bit about myself and will cherish the experience forever. Thank you for helping me to see that I am my son’s best resource.”

Name: Mallory B. Occupation: Elementary Teacher State: New Jersey Child: Aaron, 3 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“I came to The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up looking for the holes and being skeptical to keep myself safe. I’ve come to believe this is the safest, most loving place I have ever been. I was given more than I was ever asked to give back. May you who come to this program come away with the joy I feel since I learned the most important truth about our special kids: they are gifts.”

Name: Ed P. Occupation: Stay-at-Home Dad State: California Child: 3 years old Diagnosis: PDD

“After attending The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up, I now feel invincible. I know my child’s heart knows no boundaries, only those I have placed upon him. I have now chosen no boundaries for myself and therefore no boundaries for him!”

Name: Lisa G. Occupation: Human Resource Consultant State: Iowa Child: Harrison, 2 years old Diagnosis: Autistic Tendencies

“The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up taught me how important it is to have a clear purpose in all that I do, and to surround that purpose with genuine internal and external acts of love. I know my child will see and feel this so deeply that he will gravitate toward me and eventually trust me as a safe place where our worlds can come together. I am a better person thanks to what I have learned.”

Name: Bev P. Occupation: Homemaker State: Ohio Child: 5 years old Diagnosis: Developmentally Delayed/Autistic Tendencies

“As a professional in the educational psychology field, I came to The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up armed with all my ‘educational theories and learnings’ to keep me safe from changing. Within 1 week, the teachers enabled me to challenge every corner of my dusty halls of hallowed learning to become a learner in the journey of a lifetime.”

Name: Machelle F. Occupation: Guidance Counselor/Family Therapist Country: Australia

“The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up has been a tremendous week because I now understand my child is doing his best and trying his hardest, which means I can now enjoy his every attempt. This is love made clear.”

Name: Susan P. Occupation: Housewife Country: Scotland Child: Luke, 3 1/2 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up was life changing. Not only did it provide a totally unique way of viewing our children, it empowers you to believe that you can and will give concrete help to your children and that they will grow and change positively.”

Name: Joan P. Occupation: Registered Nurse/Pastor’s Wife State: New York Children: Hannah, 4 years old/Joshua, 3 1/2 years old Diagnosis: Asperger’s Syndrome/PDD

“I finally understand now that the most important thing is to love my son unconditionally and to convey that love to him. After that, the sky is the limit!”

Name: Barry W. Occupation: Chemical Engineer State: Texas Child: 5 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up has truly empowered me. I am now ready to take control of my life, my son’s life, my family’s life; to make each day count, to grow closer as a family and join together as one. Being together with so many other parents in a similar situation has made me so strong.”

Name: Patricia S. Occupation: Business Counselor State: England Child Diagnosis: Mild Autism

“There is no magic potion, no one single event, but the whole experience works. The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up provided me with answers and gave me the tools to deal with questions I haven’t even thought of yet.”

Name: Scott G. Occupation: Accountant Country: Scotland Child: Jack, 3 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“Contrary to what you may think or others may have you believe, The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up is neither voodoo nor rocket science. It’s about love, acceptance and limitless possibilities. Think of what we could create if we applied this philosophy to all of our children, not just the ‘special’ ones.”

Name: Mark G. Occupation: President State: Iowa Child: Harrison, 2 years old Diagnosis: Autistic Tendencies

“The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up is a must for every family who has a member with Autism. One of the keys to a successful program for Autism is the family’s acceptance of the child. The facilitators helped us a lot by showing us how to change our attitudes and become more creative and flexible in dealing with special children. The principles behind this program are vital to the child’s needs, including expecting the child to have a better future. Developing a diverse program that will be helpful to my child’s life and to his becoming a productive member of society is no longer a dream but already a reality.”

Name: Rhodela C. M. Occupation: Special Education Teacher State: Philippines Child: 13 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“Incredible program! World class! The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up leaves no stone unturned in providing a powerful, focused, heartfelt and balanced approach to dealing with children with special needs and the families that care for them. In fact, I would recommend this type of program for all families with all children, if that were possible.”

Name: Rob W. Occupation: Corporate Sales Representative Country: Canada Child: Ryan, 6 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“Determined, loving, caring, organized and confident are the words I like to describe about The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up and the staff. I can hardly find words to show gratitude for making me become the celebration of my life and the life of my son and my husband and of all people around me! Thank you!!”

Name: Vikki M. Occupation: Housewife Country: Hong Kong Child: 6 years old Diagnosis: PDD

“An absolutely powerful, enriching and enlightening experience. The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up rejuvenated many of the concepts I have learned about the Option Process® attitude before. If there is any doubt about wanting to come here—come. Take that chance. I truly and honestly believe from the bottom of my heart that the special one in your life deserves it. And once you have, you’ll believe that, too.”

Name: Charles P. Occupation: Therapist State: Wisconsin Child: 5 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up was the first program I’ve found that values and respects my input as Adam’s parent. What an amazing 5 days—I can’t wait to go home and put my new-found knowledge to work and begin making my own miracle!”

Name: Anna W. Occupation: Sales/Real Estate State: Illinois Child: 6 1/2 years old Diagnosis: PDD/Autism

“Before I came to The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up, I was terribly unhappy, which really affected my husband and little girls. Since being here, I have learned so much that it has changed my life totally. I know when I go home, I will be looking at my little girl and my whole life through different eyes. I feel more happiness, peace and hope than ever before. Thank you all so much.”

Name: Tracy J. Occupation: Son-Rise Program® Mom Country: Australia Child: 3 1/2 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up is truly an experience that will change your lives in ways you once thought were impossible . . . you will believe forever that everything is possible.”

Name: Jennifer W. Occupation: Homemaker State: Pennsylvania Child: Kyle, 5 1/2 years old Diagnosis: Autistic Tendencies