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The New Frontiers Program Reviewed (Continued)

What Some Say About Our Autism Treatment Program

“New Frontiers or “Final Frontiers” as we refer to it, is a course filled on taking your playroom to the next level. The instructors guide you on techniques to increase your effectiveness in the program. They also teach on the importance of attitude, a key Son-Rise principle. I am walking away from the program knowing much more about the beliefs that have driven my actions and affectiveness in the room and with that knowledge and insight I am aware that I have choices to choose empowering beliefs.”

Laura Philpot, Son-Rise Mom & P.T.A., OR Child’s Name: Keyper Age: 7 Diagnosis: Autism

“New Frontiers was the perfect third phase of the Son-Rise training. It gave me all the tools I needed to become more creative in the playroom and help my volunteers be more effective. And most importantly, it taught me to find the strength inside myself to be the loving, happy person I want to be.”

Jennifer Rosenthal, On-Air Talent, OH Child’s Name: Jakob Age: & Diagnosis: ASD & Apraxia

“The staff at the Option Institute has been able to provide myself and countless other parents both the emotional and technical tools to enable me to be able and understand and help my autistic son. I have been searching for six years for this very thing and while other programs may make promises, the Son-Rise Program makes no promises, but they have delivered results for me and my son.”

Justin Lynn, Firefighter, OR Child’s Name: Nicholas Age: 9 Diagnosis: Autism

“Even if you think you know what you are doing in the playroom and the developmental model, New Frontiers really helps you to move to the next level that will benefit not only your child but also you and your entire family.”

Becky Givens, Education, NC Child’s Name: Isaiah Age 3 Diagnosis: Autism

“New Frontiers is a gateway to a greater understanding of Son-Rise principles than I thought possible. It introduces us to a more intense method of reflection and inner searching, while firming up the skills gained in the Start-Up.”

David Lucy, Shipping & Receiving Supervisor, AR Children’s Names: Ian & Adam Ages: 9 &5 Diagnosis: Autism

“Being in New Frontiers with everybody has been a life changing experience. The love I felt from everyone the first time I met them is something I’ll take with me for the rest of my life.”

Damien Hildman, Full Time Son-Rise Paid Worker, MN Child’s Name: Thomas Kasemodel Age: 11 Diagnosis: Autism

“New Frontiers has swept away any doubts about technical aspects of our Son-Rise program and left me with the skills to find the answers that I know I have within me. Just as significant for me is deepening my attitudinal change, changing beliefs that will profoundly affect my daily life in my quest for happiness. My family will love those changes!”

Angela Bambach, Mother & Learner, Australia Child’s Name: Edward Age: 8 ½ Diagnosis: Aspergers

“Start-Up gets you started both on attitude and technique (especially joining and celebration). Max Impact grows your attitude and dialogue technique. New Frontiers grows your technique in the area of what to do when you get green lights, both in building, initiating as well as requesting. This is a critical area to develop and needed thorough discussion, viewing and practice through team-work that there wasn’t space to squeeze into the other two programs and I am sooo glad I could come. I leave dramatically more comfortable and capable of identifying developmental goals, expanding interactions, creating variety in the playroom and stronger in my attitude and resolve to love and put my best efforts into my program, my daughter, myself and my world.”

Barbara Fernandez, Mother & Homemaker, TX Child’s Name: Anna Age: 7 Diagnosis: PDD & NOS

“New Frontiers asks a lot of me but there is no doubt it’s the right thing to do. My daughter is progressing faster than with other techniques/modalities we have used and she is happier doing her Son-Rise Program than going to the ABA school she used to attend.”

Jennifer Gay, Mother And Chiropractor, ME Child’s Name: Julia Age: 5 Diagnosis: Autism

“This is a great program for anyone who has been running a Son-Rise Program for 6 months or more. It gives you great input and ideas for the work in the playroom. It also gives you the chance to explore ideas and beliefs which may be making your program less effective than it can be.”

Jacqueline Bernstein, Diplomat, Ireland Child’s Name: Alex Age: 6 Diagnosis: ASD

“New Frontiers was great to help redefine and hone the basic skills in my Son-Rise Program. This program helped me open my heart and head to new ideas about myself and the way I am with my child. I feel more empowered to move forward in my program.”

Veronica Wade Lewis, Son-Rise Mom, CA Child’s Name: Freyja Age: 5 Diagnosis: ASD

“Wow! Definitely will take our Son-Rise Program to the next level and then some! Totally gave me so many tools to use in our playroom as far as activities AND a wonderful growth in myself that I was never expecting that is so instrumental in the success of our program. We will see you at the top of the mountain!!”

Toni Wisher, Self Employed And Son-Rise Mom, OH Child’s Name: Zachary Age: 5 Diagnosis: Autism

“The follow up programs for Son-Rise Start-Up are essential. I felt recharged and better prepared to take the program to the next level.”

Adrian Aschmann, Jr, Firefighter, NJ Child’s Name: Adrian Age: 6 Diagnosis: PDD & NOS

“The Son-Rise Program is not just a therapy, it is also a lifestyle. This teaches you that your life, your child is not a disaster. It shows you how to embrace and love more freely. This loving, accepting attitude breaks down the walls of autism. It helps your child grow to love interaction with people, rather than just cold learning.”

Gordon Smith, Printer, Australia Child’s Name: Neri Age: 10 Diagnosis: Autism

“The New Frontiers program was a refreshing incite into the nuts and bolts of the Son-Rise Program. It allowed me to focus in on the specifics of my program and gave answers to challenging moments. I learned, I loved and I grew.”

Princess Cook, RN, MD Child’s Name: Desmond Age: 7 Diagnosis: Autism & PDD

“The New Frontiers program not only provided me with skills to advance programs but also a fantastic new developmental model which will refine my ability to set goals and show progress! Even more beneficial for me personally is finally understanding how much more I have to bring to the playroom and classroom, that I have it all inside me. A side benefit of some of the activities is that I now feel more comfortable in giving feedback from a loving, non-judgmental place within myself.”

Tricia Herrera, Occupational Therapist, OR Children’s Names: Ethan & Ivan Ages: 6 & 3 Diagnosis: Autism

“After seeing what my son was forced to do in various therapies to no avail, finally one that makes absolute sense and empowers parents who are the only ones who know the child more than any therapist to make a difference in the child’s change, growth, and ultimate cure.”

Leonard Geller, Son-Rise Dad, NY Child’s Name: Reuben Age: 7 Diagnosis: Autism

“After offering our son to the normal school programs and processes, with little or no improvements, we dove into the Son-Rise Program. Within months, our son was improving in all areas; speech, social skills, flexibility, smile and loving his family. The Son-Rise Program is the answer to inviting a child who is autistic into our world. It works. The program empowers, strengthens, and gives more hope and positive results and support through other parents and staff than any program on the planet. Son-Rise is the answer and gift for parents and child.”

Chris McDonald, Occupational Safety, AK Child’s Name: Conner Age: 6 Diagnosis: Autism

“The Start-Up Program gave us so many ideas that when implemented around the house produced so many wonderful results. Our son went from feeling hopeless and angry to happy and more interactive. I doubted the value of the focus room for him since he is very verbal. But after New Frontiers I see what a wonderful resource the focus room is and how any child or person could benefit from the creating a safe, sacred space to grow.”

Chris Turner, Church Worker, PA Child’s Name: Will Age: 17 Diagnosis: Asperger’s

“New Frontiers provides the how, what and when to provide the best recovery via Son-Rise (or “daughter-rise” for us) techniques. The workshop/participating technique, along with the common experience shared by all (both in class and outside) provided me with great tools and attitude to use in the playroom and outside. This is true both with Tally and with anybody else in my life.”

Haim Strasbourger, Engineer, WA Child’s Name: Revital (Tally) Age: 6 Diagnosis: ASD

“New Frontiers offers a uniquely valuable opportunity to integrate the tools, techniques and process of the Son-Rise Program together with reenlivening the most important single element of that program-you the facilitator, your child’s teacher. I discovered a whole new world of possibilities within myself for working with my son to both join him in his extraordinary world and to invite him into mine.”

Tom Stanley, Administrator, IA Child’s Name: Vishveshvara Age: 12 Diagnosis: Autism & PDD

“In New Frontiers I learned practical, detailed ways to make Alicia’s Son-Rise Program more fun, enrich with specific valuable goals. The new developmental model takes me by hand and allows me to see when the end line could be. New Frontiers gave me tools for my child and took care of me. It gave a better insight of who I am and of why I do what I do. If I understand myself better and deeply I can understand and love my child wherever she is.”

Milagros Ortiz, Mom And Medical Biller, MD Child’s Name: Alicia Pilar Age: 5 Diagnosis: Smith-Mageni’s Syndrome

“The Son-Rise Program has allowed me to look into myself and uncover the true me. I know that when I find my own voice that my son will find his. The Son-Rise Program and Option Process is teaching me how to find my own voice!”

Heather Aschmann, Son-Rise Mom, NJ Child’s Name: Adrian Age: 6 Diagnosis: PDD & NOS

“New Frontiers was my first Son-Rise class. We have been with James using Son-Rise techniques for 1 ½ years. This class provided the information for all my questions that were as follows: Volunteer feedback, dialogue to explore my beliefs as well as others, clearer understanding of green light, joining, requesting, building and initiating. I also learned that I need to be flexible as well.”

Manjit Erdey, Son-Rise Mom, GA Child’s Name: James Age: 4 Diagnosis: Autism

“I thought that after Start-Up, I had everything I needed to continue my Son-Rise Program and had no intentions to come to another program. After letting my Son-Rise Program go over the summer months, I felt the need again for more Son-Rise information, motivation and inspiration. Coming to New Frontiers has made me realize that Start-Up was not simply a one time seminar or workshop, but that it was a course among many that I will take for continuing education in Son-Rise and directing my own therapy program for my child.”

Michaela Veeker, Business Person, Canada Child’s Name: Cheyanne Age: 4 Diagnosis: Epilepsy & GDD

“The Son-Rise Program is the one tool I need to help me recover my autistic child. Since I started his program, he has already begun to join me in my world. I look forward to the day when he comes to stay!”

Terry Davis, Son-Rise Mom And Housewife, PA Child’s Name: Jordan Age: 7 Diagnosis: Autism

“New Frontiers is an amazing program that really builds on everything learned in the Son-Rise Start-Up Program. The attitudinal classes help you to a really strong belief in yourself and your program. And the specifics really help you to fine tune your methods and tools used in your program.”

Debra Cranfield, Son-Rise Mom, Wales Child’s Name: Morgan Age: 7 Diagnosis: Autism

“New Frontiers has transformed my life by transforming the way I think. I can choose to feel and behave whatever way I want. I can choose to love anyone or anything. That choice leads down a path and I can choose what kind of a path that will be, life affirming or negating.”

Rachael Wade, Bookkeeper, CA Child’s Name: Fryja Age: 6 Diagnosis: ASD

“New Frontiers has been wonderful for me and for my Son-Rise Program. I had a better understanding of myself and that I am in control of my thoughts and beliefs. It has helped me with my playroom to stay focused on my goals and I now have such a clearer understanding of the Son-Rise process. I will be able to go home and train all my volunteers with confidence.”

Tonya Hinkle, Dentist, WV Child’s Name: Logan Hinkle Age: 3 Diagnosis: UDX & ASD

“My experience with New Frontiers has been amazing. For being my first time ever being here I learned so much in just one week than I have ever learned in a lifetime. The program is so nice to be able to think of great ideas to help parents in their own playroom. Also learning how to see myself change who I am around other people.”

Alicia Phillips, Student, WV Child’s Name: Logan Hinkle Age: 3 Diagnosis: UDX & ASD

“New Frontiers has brought me to the next level in my Son-Rise Program. My highly verbal son is given us a lot of green lights and the social development will be very useful. The interactive attention span and flexibility are two areas that will help us tremendously.”

Agnes Hobmaier, Homemaker, Canada Child’s Name: Daniel Age: 12 Diagnosis: Autism

“Life changing! Helped empower myself to better help my son in his recovery from autism. Gave us hope and a clear direction to go up the mountain.”

Nicole Tanzi, Mom And Teacher, NY Child’s Name: Joey Age: 4 Diagnosis: ASD

“We have been running our Son-Rise Program for 1 ½ years and just needed help to keep us on the right path. I felt like New Frontiers has given us that. It has also helped my husband to understand and be more supportive.”

Jill McDonald, Homemaker, AK Child’s Name: Conner Age: 6 Diagnosis: Autism

“Being a part of New Frontiers has given me the tools and techniques on how to run my Son-Rise Program and yet it has given me a greater chance to love with a new perspective of what loving my child back really means.”

Ivonne And Gonzalo Baquerizo, Teacher And Paralegal, Ecuador Child’s Name: Antonio Jose Age: 4 Diagnosis: Autistic Tendencies

“New Frontiers delivered on its name and has us not only looking at “taking our program to the next level” but thinking outside the box, so to speak. It is perfect for where we are in a program to give us a framework to work inside, but not a prescription for what to do next. Had us looking at where we are limiting the progress in our program and allowed us to take the lid off.”

Kelli Pallet, Son-Rise Mom, Canada Child’s Name: Jordyn Age: 4 Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder

“New Frontiers allowed me to receive the tools and training I needed to take our daughter to the next level. After getting better eye contact, more language and “green lights” from Sarah, we knew something was needed. New Frontiers filled us with answers and the excitement to continue full steam ahead in our program.”

Jim Wright, Teacher, PA Child’s Name: Sarah Age: 5 Diagnosis: PDD & NOS

“The Son-Rise Program has been a wonderful experience in my life. I needed to heal myself as well as Alec. I am reflecting on my life with him in it to such greater depth. I am no longer confused, angry, frustrated, or scared of my future or his!!”

J.C. Capurso, Son-Rise Mom, IL Child’s Name: Alec Age: 5 Diagnosis: Aspergers

“New Frontiers for me had helped me to reconnect with my passion of the Son-Rise Program. It had been so wonderful for me to be here, I feel really energized and inspired. I am so glad they went through beliefs and attitude a lot because it is so important. The teachers gave so much more than I expected.”

Audrey Chaput, Student, Canada Child’s Name: Elizabeth Age: 4 Diagnosis: Autism

“New Frontiers was a perfect way to follow-up on our Son-Rise Start-Up program. It built on the principles of complete love, acceptance, choice and self-discovery. It gave us simple yet powerful tools like dialoguing to reach deep down and work on our belief and showed us how we could help others discover truths for themselves. New Frontiers also delivered on the promise to teach more day-to-day techniques we could use to build even more effective programs and enjoy our playroom time with our child even more.”

Ralph Kris Hooper, Mr. Mom, Graphic Designer, OK

“New Frontiers was very helpful in that it was very practical, detailed and liberating. It was practical because it retaught me the basic principles of the program (attitude, joining, building…etc.) through exercises, videos, and examples of isms, building ideas, goals to work upon,…etc. Finally, it was liberating because it helped hear and know about other children in the world, and it helped me share my child with other people in the world.”

Rana Mechi, Student, Volunteer, Lebanon

“New Frontiers really gives you the tools to take your program and elevate it to become the most amazing program you ever dreamed of. The perfect balance of attitude and self-awareness can impact our program, combined with phenomenal explanation of the Son-Rise techniques makes New Frontiers true gem.”

Mary Finnegan-Rosselli, Son-Rise Mom, MA

“The Son-Rise Start-Up Program gave me hope and the belief that we could reach the stars. New Frontiers has given me a ladder to take those first steps in actually reaching a bright future.”

Catherine Johnson, Children’s Coordinator, WY

“Taking the Son-Rise Start-Up Program taught me the basics of the playroom; taking the New Frontiers made me realize the unescapable importance of the attitude that we go in the playroom with. As Bears said we teach what we are, therefore, being happy is my only way to give Karim the invitation to join our world!”

Arpy Melkanian, Teacher, Lebanon

“New Frontiers teaches not only the specific skills you need to get your Son-Rise program to a peak level, but also gives you the mindset you need to get yourself to a peak level inside, so that you become the most effective leader and child facilitator possible.”

Sandy Bruns, Personal Development Coach / Mom, NY

“I have received the tools of a lifetime. The learnings and techniques will not only cure my son of autism but will have our whole family healed and happy.”

Theresa Powers, Math Teacher, NY

“New Frontiers helped me to love my child like he is and to be proud of him! It helped me also to change my attitude towards others: be non-judgmental! I was worried about other people judging me…Now I know that everyone is doing his best and they’re just taking care of themselves.”

Rim Smadi, Full Time Mom, France

“New Frontiers and the total experience has had a deeply profound impact on me in the following ways: Attitudinal shift, letting go, the freedom of choice and understanding that there is choice in everything I do, say, feel and think… Here the entire staff from facilitators to kitchen and maintenance model the reality of “loving”, of respect, of generous vulnerability and of giving something ”more” of themselves to me / to us.”

Deborah Cox, Educator, MA

“New Frontiers is a wonderful program to bring your Son-Rise program fully alive. It shows you and gives tools to reach out for your child in a loving, creative way. In full respect for whatever your child chooses or wants / can be. The sky is the limit.”

Bright van der Loo, Director, Netherlands

“New Frontiers is allowing me to return with concrete tools to enrich Colin’s life. I am blown away by the personal gain I was able to achieve in such a small period of time. Profound! Absolutely profound.”

Michelle Zangerle, College Student, NY

“New Frontiers gave me a clearer understanding of my Son-Rise program and important technique on how to improve and fine tune it. The atmosphere in the class and among all of us as people with common goals helped me to find the courage to do things that I have avoided because I thought them too difficult.”

Faith Clarke, Stay Home Mom, NY

“In what could be perceived as weakness, I now can find strength. In autism, I now can find hope.”

Josha Smith, Super-Mom, CO

“The New Frontiers has empowered me with new confidence, motivation and skills to persevere and continue loving the Son-Rise Program support to my child.”

Lejla Somun-Krupalija, Manager / Lecturer, Bosnia

“I used to feel isolated and felt that I could only do what the doctors told me to do. I didn’t have a lot of friends who understood what I was going through. Now I know many people in many parts of the world who love me and believe in me and we all have the knowledge that anything is possible for our children. And we will always be family.”

Chrissy Luther, Son-Rise Mom, WA

“New Frontiers is an amazing experience. Above and beyond the new techniques you will learn, you will learn how talented you already are. You will leave New Frontiers with tremendous confidence that combined with your knowledge and love will create the best Son-Rise program imaginable.”

Kathy deCastro, H.R. Executive, CT

“New Frontiers gave me the nuts and bolts of technique to use in the playroom with my child. It also gave me the attitudinal recharge that I needed. I was feeling very stale in the playroom and I now have all the tools I need to bring us to the other side.”

Kerri Moreau, Self-Employed, NH

“New Frontiers was very practical and hands on. It was relevant to my program and I really feel like I have the tools I need.”

Theresa Noye, Resident Director, PA

“The Autism Treatment Center and to all the wonderful staff. Never have I found more love, understanding and acceptance in all my life. I have finally found love and feel one hundred percent whole to have my son Blake with autism. Thank you for giving me air.”

Leanne Dole, Housewife, Australia

“I attended the Son-Rise Start-Up Program eleven months ago. I am a nurse for a day habilitation program for adults with mental retardation. Of our forty three participants, eight are autistic, ranging in age from thirty two – fifty seven years of age. One grew up in the institution and the other seven in home – ranging from abusive to benign neglect to supportive and nurturing. I took the Son-Rise principles back to my program and started a weekly group for the eight individuals (ninety minutes) and even with that diffuse event each person has shown growth.”

Page Vandewater, Supervisor Of Health Care Services, MA

“Son-Rise New Frontiers has reconnected me with the reason we do Son-Rise and no other program -The attitude of love and acceptance, the absence of fear and judgment and the joy of being with my children in the playroom.”

Hayley Boland, Housewife, United Kingdom

“I would one hundred percent recommend New Frontiers to anybody running a Son-Rise program. I am left with no vagueness. I found direction, clarity, specificity. My creative juices are overflowing and so will yours after New Frontiers.”

Kanchan Rao, Pediatrician – Cancer Patients, United Kingdom

“New Frontiers was exceptional in its emphasis on strengthening our attitude and examining our beliefs, while also breaking down the techniques used in the playroom into tiny parts that become much more understandable and therefore more easily applicable.”

Gretchen Pingel, Mother, NY

“New Frontiers has given me confidence and a clear direction of how to interact with my son with DS /ASD. Until I had the Son-Rise program I felt unhappy and anxious as how to go forward in raising my son. I highly recommend the Son-Rise program to any parent / carer / teacher of special needs children. The support information and care is of an excellent standard and should be available to all special needs parents / carers / teachers if they choose to look into it. My deepest thanks for all the help I received here.”

Helen Cherry, Alexander Teacher / Artist, United Kingdom