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The New Frontiers Program Reviewed

What Some Say About Our Autism Treatment Program

“New Frontiers gave me the tools to take my son’s program to a new level, to reach for greatness. To reconnect with the other families and volunteers was a balm to my soul and gave me the gift of renewed energy for my program.”

Michelle Bensky, Anat Baniel Method Practitioner, CA Child’s Name: Isaac / Age: 11 / Diagnosis: Aspergers

“The New Frontiers Program has “breathed” life back into my daughter’s Son-Rise program®. I have no doubt that with the changes I have made in myself and my beliefs through participating in New Frontiers, it will take my child further than I ever imagined possible.”

Erin Etheridge, Son-Rise Stay At Home Mom, IL Child’s Name: Elise / Age: 3 / Diagnosis: Autism

“Through The New Frontiers Program, I learned and realized that it’s OK if she doesn’t want to play with me right when I try to join her…TRY AGAIN…PERSISTENCE! Autism is not a curse; it’s an opportunity to grow with your child! I believe The Son-Rise Program is a beautiful, wonderful, exciting program. The Son-Rise Program is an opportunity of a lifetime, not only for the child, but yourself as well. Thank you Son-Rise Program!”

Sarah Holtgrave, RN, IL Child’s Name: Elise Etheridge / Age: 3 / Diagnosis: Autism

“The Son-Rise Program has helped me connect with my stepson in a way that I didn’t think was possible in only a few months time. Now, a year later, we are a family instead of me being an extra shadow in the room. By using the Son-Rise principles, he is growing and getting more and more social abilities every week. And by using the Son-Rise principles, I am myself growing towards being the best parent I can imagine for both my children.”

Suzanne Lena Pipers, Singer, Netherlands Child’s Name: De / Age: 11 / Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder

“New Frontiers Program was such a good addition to my Son-Rise program®. It was useful in recharging my internal battery, plus it helped give me new creative ideas to expand my programs as my children learn and grow.”

Tara Viggiano, Mom & Entrepreneur, NY Children’s Names: Giavanna & Frank / Ages: 4 / Diagnosis: PDD

“New Frontiers Program was an awakening for me. Not only did I learn that my child was a treasure, but I got a new husband. I can’t wait to go home and get in the playroom with my son. I have everything I need and now I know it. I am so thankful to the Autism Treatment Center of America.”

Chrissy Butcher, Medical Records Technician, FL Child’s Name: Adam / Age: 4 / Diagnosis: Autism

“The Son-Rise Program New Frontiers has been a real eye opener for me. Not only did I learn endless possibilities for what I can do to help her on her journey, I have learned a lot about myself. Life is what you make it. From here on out, I am going to allow myself to open up to people, to give and receive love and to be HAPPY, because happiness is a choice. Thanks so much for helping me realize that.

Jamie Buehter, Resident Assistant, Il Child’s Name: Elise Etheridge / Age: 3 / Diagnosis: Autism

“The Son-Rise Program New Frontiers has changed my life. It has changed my opinion (in regard to autism) from anger and frustration to openness and opportunity. This program has helped me build a bridge with my son and closed the gap between my wife and I.”

David Barkman, Sales Manager, MA Child’s Name: David / Age: 4 / Diagnosis: Moderately-Severe Autism

“New Frontiers has given me a greater sense of my mission. The tools that I learned this week makes me so excited, I cannot wait to get home to work with my child. This program is absolutely essential for your Son-Rise program.”

Marty Butcher, Press Operator, FL Child’s Name: Adam / Age: 4 / Diagnosis: Autism

“The Son-Rise Program New Frontiers clarified the techniques to get the most you can from the playroom. First, the attitude that’s the driving force behind your program, and second, the steps that will help my children build that strong, social core they were not born with.”

Jill Escher, Ex Attorney, CA Children’s Names: Jonathan & Sophie / Ages: 10 & 3 / Diagnosis: Autistic Disorder & HFA

“If The Son-Rise Program has come to you or if you have found the program - that is because it is meant for you. Don’t hesitate – what you have found is a perfect place with people who are in love with helping you and helping your child. The staff and the parents who come here take an incredible journey together that is safe, non-judgmental and have support for when you go home so that you get as much support as you need.”

Gertruth Handelman, Retired, Canada Child’s Name: Ethan / Age: 5 / Diagnosis: PDD & NOS

“New Frontiers was like a big, warm hug. Our beliefs were challenged, we had many new teachings to absorb and our many different questions were answered. I believe we are all leaving with a very clear plan of what our next steps are in our Son-Rise Programs and in our lives.”

Shelley Hackett, Son-Rise Mom , Australia Child’s Name: Kobe / Age: 5 / Diagnosis: Mild Autism

New Frontiers was amazing; my wife went to the Son-Rise Program, and we came to this together. This was such a gift to us and especially to our son, Ezra. The training was absolutely vital to take our program to the next level and the attitudinal pieces have started me on a new chapter on my life, one that I’m excited to be on.”

Aaron Houssian, Researcher, Netherlands Child’s Name: Ezra / Age: 4 / Diagnosis: PDD & NOS

“New Frontiers has equipped me with the tools and confidence to take charge of my son’s program. It has also shown to me that my life is getting better and more rewarding day by day.”

Bill Petrow, Sales Engineer, IL Child’s Name: Will / Age: 4 / Diagnosis: PDD & NOS