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The Intensive Program Reviewed

“At The Son-Rise Program® Intensive, with the help of the facilitators, Emelie told us she loved us spontaneously for the first time ever. She wanted me to play with her for the first time and became more open to meeting new people. We received intensive training in the playroom with inspiration, vitality, excitement, enthusiasm, energy, love and acceptance.”

Name: Patricia W. Country: Sweden Child: Emelie, 6 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“The Son-Rise Program® Intensive takes place over 5 days, but its effects last a lifetime. It teaches the parents to love, honor and respect their special child and shows the child that in a loving, accepting environment he or she can exceed the limits set by others and surpass their expectations. It is truly inspirational!”

Name: Phil H. Country: Wales Child: 11 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“As a mother of 5 children, 2 with Autism/PDD, I can truly call The Son-Rise Program® Intensive the most honest, unpretentious, hope-inspiring atmosphere I have ever encountered. This program guide families and teaches parents how to help their special child. I now can do what was in my heart all along. I can move mountains and dream dreams, all through love, the most healing power of all.”

Name: Eileen C. Occupation: Full-Time Mom State: Delaware Child: Ryan, Sean Diagnosis: Autism

“The Son-Rise Program® Intensive has been the most fun I have had since my wedding day! My week felt relaxed, informative and, most of all, exciting. We’re returning home with a new outlook on our Son-Rise Program® and can’t wait to implement all of the new ideas we’ve been given. I feel confident, energized and raring to go. I left home not enjoying Abbie in the room and I am going back in love once again.”

Name: Tina L. Country: England Child: Abbie, 4 years old Diagnosis: Angelman Syndrome

“The week spent at The Son-Rise Program® Intensive was fascinating and thought provoking. It really challenged me to think and probe deeper into myself and my feelings about Tom in a way that I’d never done before. It enabled me to understand my little boy where he is and really love him for what he is. I left feeling confident that I could be with my son, inspired by what I had learned.”

Name: Emma L. Occupation: Nurse Country: England Child: Tom, 10 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“Imagine life without any hope, with nothing to look forward to but silence and loneliness. That was what our beautiful daughter had before we heard of The Son-Rise Program®. Now she has love, happiness and expectations, which were unimaginable to us. Thank you all.”

Name: Jeff B. Country: England Child: 6 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“It has been wonderful to be with people who wholeheartedly appreciate and believe in what I am doing. At The Son-Rise Program® Intensive I was directed where needed, praised for what I do well and told what needs work. It was truly excellent to have my issues discussed in detail. It has been well worth the wait, meeting all my hopes and expectations.”

Name: Angela M. Occupation: Full-Time Mom Country: England Child: Jacob, 5 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“The Son-Rise Program® Intensive is the best program for your special child! Even after running a Son-Rise Program® for 1½ years with great success, it was worth every cent to learn how to complete the journey and reach our ultimate goal.”

Name: Peter H. Country: Holland Child: 5 years old Diagnosis: Autism/PDD

“If you want someone to love your child, believe in your child, be accepting of your child, be nonjudgmental of your child and, most importantly, get enjoyment and happiness in being with your child, The Son-Rise Program® Intensive is where you want to be.”

Name: Sheena C. Country: England Child: Age 4 Diagnosis: Severe Autism

“The Son-Rise Program® gives the parents of an autistic child the attitude and the skills to help them realize their child’s true potential. If you feel you can reach the stars, you can achieve miracles!”

Name: Nick A. Country: Scotland Child: 4 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“We originally came hoping to glean some advice to help our autistic son. We eventually left grasping the tools for developing a wonderful way of living—a by-product of which is a comprehensive therapy for our son, one that really works.”

Name: Mark H. Occupation: Methodist Minister Country: England Child: Joseph, 7 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“The Son-Rise Program® is a wonderful experience that asks you to be the best you can be. Having 2 autistic children is a powerful incentive for this and we aim to do the very best for the boys. Thank you to The Son-Rise Program® Staff for showing us the way and giving us the tools.”

Name: Phil H. Country: Wales Child: 4 years old Diagnosis: Autism

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