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Empirical Research Supporting The Son-Rise Program®

The Autism Treatment Center of America
Sheffield, MA
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Since Autism was first outlined (Kanner, 1943), an agreed-upon definition of Autism has been reached and standardized diagnostic methods produced. To date, however, no clear etiology has been established, and proposed treatments vary widely. Research has uncovered enough about Autism’s underlying neuro- and cognitive psychology to allow us to outline treatment implications to benefit those families seeking help now who are unwilling to wait for the elusive ultimate answer.

The Autism Treatment Center of America™ has been using The Son-Rise Program® (SRP) with families since 1983 in order to fulfill this need. The SRP was developed by parents experimenting with ways to reach their severely autistic child (Kaufman, 1976). Science at this time offered no guidance on facilitating the social development of children with Autism. Since their son emerged from Autism after 3½ years of intensive work, the Kaufmans have offered SRP to families internationally. To date, no rigorous longitudinal testing of the efficacy of SRP has been performed yet it can be seen that the key principles of this approach draw support from the current research literature. This paper will discuss some key principles of SRP in the context of current research in Autism to create a platform for quantitative investigation.

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