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Professional Endorsement

A wide variety of professionals from different fields have attended training in The Son-Rise Program® and have seen firsthand the impact that this program has had on the children and families with whom they work. Many of these professionals have incorporated The Son-Rise Program® into their practices and have changed the way they treat and interact with children with special needs.

"The Son-Rise Program® is a living, nurturing way to help your child rejoin our world. Just as a very motivated post-stroke victim can re-grow new neuronal pathways to regain function, so our special children, through high motivation, can grow out of Autism."

~ Miriam J., M.D., California

"When I use The Son-Rise Program®'s method, I get faster and better results from the autistic and developmentally disabled children with whom I work! I would recommend this course to Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech/ Language Therapists, Teachers, Directors of Special Education, in addition to parents of special children."

~ Nandini D. S., Physical Therapist, New Jersey

"If only more 'professionals' could experience The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up, I know they too would 'remember' why they became teachers in the first place and would then know how they could help both students and parents find what their child is capable of."

~ Juliette Z., Teacher, Oregon

"Fellow professionals,The Son-Rise Program® is a thoroughly educational experience, a must if you are working in the field of Autism. I have expanded my understanding of Autism, myself as a therapist, and gained a greater understanding of the feelings that parents have. From the surroundings through to the presentation and content of the class, it is clear that a considerable amount of thought, preparation and experience have been applied to the running of the course."

~ Andrea B., Pediatric Speech and Language Therapist, England

"As a professional, this program helped me solidify the way to help children reach their fullest potential. It provides excellent, detailed information as well as exciting experience. This program renewed my energy as a therapist/teacher."

~ Ellen S., Special Education Teacher and Developmental Therapist, Maine

"Having worked closely with a family using The Son-Rise Program®, it is impossible not to be impressed by the program's ability to aid their son's development. While I do not know what heights their son will reach, without a shadow of a doubt, he is developing and advancing beyond all expectations! I only wish that other children could be blessed with such an intensive and effective means of treatment."

~ Carmella O., Senior Counselor for Special Education, Israel

"This has been the most sensational week of my professional life and I think the most memorable week of all. The doors are now open for me to see my children anew and with so many limitless possibilities. Previously, my 'professional' beliefs were creating the limits. Now, my beliefs in the power of the child are the key to reaching for the stars. Thank you."

~ Anne M., Special Education Teacher, Australia

"This week has been extremely worthwhile! Wonderful mixtures of inspiration, sound practical advice and techniques. If you have a chance to do this program, do it!"

~ Alyson R., M.D., Scotland

"As a professional in the field of behavioral therapy, I feel it is imperative that people introduce themselves to The Son-Rise Program® perspective in order to expand their options and reach a child with Autism in the way that best fits a child."

~ Michael S., Child Therapist, Wisconsin

"This is one of the most exciting ways to teach language that I have ever seen! The main ideas are simple and easily applied by anyone at any level of experience. I will use these techniques with autistic children as well as in many situations with children with other disorders."

~ Jane H., Speech/Language Pathologist, New Mexico

Professionals Who Have Attended The Son-Rise Program® Training Courses