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Maximum Impact Teachers Reviewed

Barry "Bears" Neil Kaufman - Reviews Continued

“Wonderful and challenging. Bears is always deeply, deeply loving. He is an inspiration, a model and a highly effective teacher.”

Name: Ros L. Occupation: Homemaker/Reiki Practitioner Country: France Child: Rebecca, 5 years old Diagnosis: PDD/Autism

“Bears was even more spectacular than I imagined. I felt his sincerity towards me and everyone else in the class. He told us from day one we would be brothers and sisters, and he couldn’t have been more correct. It was an honor and privilege to be with him.”

Name: Cindy G. Occupation: Special Education Student/Preschool Teacher State: Ohio Child: Stephen, 6 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“Great guy! Bears is my role model and master. I can sense his energy and power. I just feel good in his classes!”

Name: Kheng-Pong T. Occupation: Sales Manager Country: Malaysia Child: Yoke-Fang, 10 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“Unbelievable! I particularly enjoyed Bears’ ability to balance dialoguing with the curriculum. Some of the dialogues done during class helped me drive home the importance of intention and conviction in my life.”

Name: Nancy F. Occupation: Management State: Ohio Child: Stephen, 6 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“This was my first experience and privilege being taught by Bears. He was inspiring and hugely informative at the same time. He opened my awareness to myself and then helped teach me ways to work on it.”

Name: Beth R. Occupation: Sales Representative State: Pennsylvania Child: Sarah, 6 years old Diagnosis: PDD/NOS

“Bears is a walking example of his loving, accepting and nonjudgmental philosophy.”

Name: Cheri H. Occupation: Homemaker Country: England Child: Sam, 4 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“Inspiring! Bears is one of the most useful people I have ever met and he is someone I will always hold close to my heart for his incredible work.”

Name: Radhe G. Occupation: Homemaker State: California Child: 4 years old Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder

“Bears is the best teacher I have ever had. He helped me to understand how my belief system works.”

Name: Jim H. Occupation: Engineer State: Michigan Child: Mark, 9 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“Bears—intense, warm, genuine, believable, touching, close, personable, moving, daring, loving, funny, creative. I’m still in awe of this amazing man!”

Name: Betsy T. Occupation: Son-Rise Program® Mom State: North Carolina Child: 3 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“How do you evaluate Bears? He is the embodiment of ‘the attitude.’ I am so honored to have the opportunity to spend so much time with him! The fact that he visited us in the dining hall during a meal struck me that he really cared about each and every one of us—and our children, too.”

Name: Carol D. Occupation: Son-Rise Program® Mom State: Ohio Child: Danny, 5 years old Diagnosis: PDD/Language Delayed

“Bears is at the top of the mountain everyone wants to climb. A real pillar of strength.”

Name: Stuart N. Occupation: Carpenter Country: England Child: Beth, 6 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“Bears is so dynamic. I think, ‘It doesn’t get any better than this’ when he is teaching. I always feel I’m with the best!”

Name: Jane S. Occupation: Flight Attendant State: Ohio Child: 7 years old Diagnosis: MDD

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