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A little guidance leads to a successful fundraising experience for new Son-Rise parents

I first talked with Tom and Stacey in September of 2007. In their initial call they made it clear that helping their son Riley and covering the cost of the program were their two main concerns. Together we reviewed the program and their son’s needs, and both Stacey and Tom agreed that The Son-Rise Program was the right program to help Riley. Once they were clear on that, we needed to find a way to finance the cost of the program. In addition to Autism, their son had medical challenges, so between medical bills and other life circumstances, money was a real obstacle for them.

I continued to work with and guide Stacey and Tom, and after a few more calls they felt so confident in their ability to fundraise the money for Riley that they refused financial aid from our scholarship fund. To date Tom and Stacey have raised nearly $20,000 and counting. They are now making decisions based on what is best for their family, and not just what they can afford.

Stacy’s personal message to future Son-Rise Program parents:

People ARE generous. You just have to let them be. Give them a reason and they want to help.

  • Kindness has no boundaries.
  • Anything is possible if you just try. One of my favourite quotes has always been "You miss 100 % of the shots you don't take" (Wayne Gretzky).
  • A parents love has the ability to work miracles!

So with all of our fundraising efforts from Sept. 2007 until now, we have come close to $20,000.00. This will pay for the program , travel costs, as well as Riley's therapy room.

When you put your heart and soul into something you get Heart & Soul back.

Stacy Marazzo

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