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A Miracle To Believe In


It was as if God had created Robertito and had forgotten to breathe life into him - until the Kaufman's came along!

"THERE are at least eight places to cry for joy in this book, and at least one place to laugh out loud. Barry Neil Kaufman's story of the way his family loved a child back to life is a feast for the heart."

--The Boston Globe

"MANY thanks for the privilege of reading your account of the remarkable adventure with Robertito and his family. Love that comprehends and respects an inner sanctum of being without violating its uniqueness has always produced miracles -- human miracles. Your story reminds us once again of our underused power to celebrate and ennoble life."

--Norman Cousins

"[AN] INTIMATE and awe-inspiring story."

--Christian Bookseller

"THE child whom readers came to know intimately in the best selling SON-RISE, later made into a television drama, serves as a catalyst and teacher in this miraculous story of help...a new miracle begins."

--Los Angeles Times

"A POWERFUL, painful, joyful and true story of a boy's rescue from autism."

--Minneapolis Tribune

"A BEAUTIFUL and healing journey. The Kaufman's message is one of peace, hope and possibility. Through their work they have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate in very tangible terms the power of love and acceptance."

--New Age Magazine

"[A] HEARTWARMING story...overwhelming proof that love can work miracles."

--The Literary Guild