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The Son-Rise Program® In-Person New Frontiers

Advanced Training Course

New Frontiers will enable you to use The Son-Rise Program Developmental Model to clearly assess your child’s social development. The course will teach you to create clear goals and then demonstrate techniques on how to keep your child moving forward. This advanced training program focuses on curriculum development and social education. Our in-person program (at our campus in Massachusetts, USA) includes special workshops taught by the founders, Barry (Bears) Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman as well as opportunities to schedule individualized sessions with both. New Frontiers is designed for those who have completed the Son-Rise Program Online or Son-Rise Program In-Person Course.

Intention of Program:

To enable you to clearly assess where your child is in their social development and to create clear goals, in addition to developing the skills and attitude to keep you and your child's program moving forward.

Social Curriculum:

If your child is on the Autism Spectrum, then one of the most important areas of development is the ability to create and sustain relationships and friendships. You will learn how to pinpoint where your child is in their social development.

Goal Setting:

Clearly plot where to go next in developing your child's eye contact, communication skills, interactive attention span, physical interaction and friendship skills.


Such an important aspect of running a successful Son-Rise Program®—being creative. Learn how to unblock yourself and be an ongoing creative force with your child and support team.

Games and Activities:

Learn how to build stronger interactions with your child by learning how to design games and activities, and when and how to introduce them.

Feedback training:

A strong program relies on all members of the team being as effective as they can be. Giving them loving, inspiring and direct feedback will make that happen. This week will guide you in how to understand and help your support team more.


Time will also be spent helping you recharge and reinvigorate yourself to be the best you can be for yourself, your family and your special child.

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Call 1-877-766-7473 or 413-229-2100 to speak with one of our Program Advisors. Or, if you'd like to receive a priority call, please click here.

* Please Note: Sunday is your arrival day. Classes don’t begin until Monday morning.

Video Testimonials:

Potty Trained in 3 Weeks

When her son was diagnosed 3 years ago, Nicoleta found the symptoms of autism that her son exhibited to be devastating. She spent years looking for autism support networks and autism treatment programs for her son and was about to give up when she discovered the book ‘Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues’ – a potential cure for autism. Listen to the amazing journey she took with her son, enabling him to become a happy, sociable 6 year old with 50 words and fully potty trained after just 3 months of The Son Rise Program. - 9 mins 54 secs

Anthony Got All His Language Back

Poppy felt helpless and sad when Anthony started showing symptoms of autism – she didn’t know what to do and felt as if she had failed him. Poppy heard about The Son-Rise Program through a friend who offered her the opportunity to join into Anthony’s world and love him unconditionally – an opportunity for autism recovery. She attended an autism training course called The Son Rise Program Start Up. Just 3 days after she returned home, her son’s eye contact and speech increased dramatically. Four days later, Anthony was able to tell Poppy that he loved her. Here is her story: - 7 mins 52 secs

"Mommy, I love you"

At 2 years old Lucas was diagnosed as severely Autistic. He showed symptoms of autism such as no eye contact and limited speech. His parents, Adam and Luzmary felt like their son’s progress was a dead end. With no connection at all with their son they felt like they were raising a robot.

Adam and Luzmary found The Son-Rise Program – a potential cure for autism and an alternative autism treatment program to the behavioral methods they had used before - to be simple and easy to use compared to other treatment for autism they had previously tried. The Son-Rise Program has helped Lucas to understand his feelings better. He’s become truly interested in other people and is now interested in conversation with others. Lucas can appreciate the people in his life so much more since beginning his Son-Rise Program. - 14 mins, 12 secs

Parent Reviews and Autism Journey Letters:

To my Son- Rise Program Family

I arrived back home so re-energized because of the amazing week I had at the Autism Treatment Center of American New Frontier Training Program. I would like to thank Bears, Samahria, Bryn, William, Kate and the whole entire staff at Autism Treatment Center for Awesome week filled with unconditional love, support and encouragement to me and all of my friend at New Frontiers May 2013. This training has given me additional inspiration, energy, encouragement and the tools for the next part of my journey with Malcolm. I think if anyone is considering whether or not they should take New Frontier I say “Go for it” take it from a parent that has attended it is wonderful and you are going to so happy you did. I have learned so much this week and I now have some additional tools to work with my Malcolm on our Son-Rise Program.

We Love You Guys

~Elaine R., Son-Rise Program Mom, Illinois. Son: Malcom, Age: 18, Diagnosis: Autism My home away from home (home is where the heart IS)

"New Frontiers gave me the tools to take my son’s program to a new level, to reach for greatness. To reconnect with the other families and volunteers was a balm to my soul and gave me the gift of renewed energy for my program

~ Michelle Bensky, Anat Baniel Method Practitioner, CA

“The New Frontiers Program has “breathed” life back into my daughter’s Son-Rise program. I have no doubt that with the changes I have made in myself and my beliefs through participating in New Frontiers, it will take my child further than I ever imagined possible.” "

~ Erin Etheridge, Son-Rise Stay At Home Mom, IL

"I want to say a big thank you for changing my life in 5 days. I never thought anyone would be able to help me overcome my difficulties until I came to The Son-Rise Program New Frontiers. I was completely lost, unhappy and frustrated about everything in my life. You are my life saver. I am now a very happy person with a lot of love and have let go of all my past. My children are happier than before. I wake up happy every morning without worry and ready to face life's situation. Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you. You managed to fix my brain. I listened to most of your CDs and I gained knowledge from them. I became open-minded about life. I do listen to the CDs nearly every day to keep me going. When life gets challenging, I take it as an opportunity to learn something from it. So Bears thank you for helping me to give me a happy life. I now know happiness is my own choice. God bless you and all your team. Keep going, as we need you so much."

~ Rose Seifu, Son-Rise Mom, United Kingdom

“Through The New Frontiers Program, I learned and realized that it’s OK if she doesn’t want to play with me right when I try to join her…TRY AGAIN…PERSISTENCE! Autism is not a curse; it’s an opportunity to grow with your child! I believe The Son-Rise Program is a beautiful, wonderful, exciting program. The Son-Rise Program is an opportunity of a lifetime, not only for the child, but yourself as well. Thank you Son-Rise Program!”

~ Sarah Holtgrave, RN, IL

The Son-Rise Program has helped me connect with my stepson in a way that I didn’t think was possible in only a few months time. Now, a year later, we are a family instead of me being an extra shadow in the room. By using the Son-Rise principles, he is growing and getting more and more social abilities every week. And by using the Son-Rise principles, I am myself growing towards being the best parent I can imagine for both my children.”

~ Suzanne Lena Pipers, Singer, Netherlands

"“New Frontiers Program was such a good addition to my Son-Rise program®. It was useful in recharging my internal battery, plus it helped give me new creative ideas to expand my programs as my children learn and grow.”

~ Tara Viggiano, Mom & Entrepreneur, NY

"New Frontiers Program was an awakening for me. Not only did I learn that my child was a treasure, but I got a new husband. I can’t wait to go home and get in the playroom with my son. I have everything I need and now I know it. I am so thankful to the Option Institute.” "

~ Chrissy Butcher, Medical Records Technician, FL

"The Son-Rise Program New Frontiers has been a real eye opener for me. Not only did I learn endless possibilities for what I can do to help her on her journey, I have learned a lot about myself. Life is what you make it. From here on out, I am going to allow myself to open up to people, to give and receive love and to be HAPPY, because happiness is a choice. Thanks so much for helping me realize that.”

~ Jamie Buehter, Resident Assistant, Il

"The Son-Rise Program New Frontiers has changed my life. It has changed my opinion (in regard to autism) from anger and frustration to openness and opportunity. This program has helped me build a bridge with my son and closed the gap between my wife and I.”

~ David Barkman, Sales Manager, MA

"New Frontiers has given me a greater sense of my mission. The tools that I learned this week makes me so excited, I cannot wait to get home to work with my child. This program is absolutely essential for your Son-Rise program.”

~ Marty Butcher, Press Operator, FL

Autism Support Webinars:

If you want your child to want to interact with you and be really motivated to learn, then take a look at this webinar where Bryn Hogan, Executive Director of the Autism Treatment Center of America™, provides a brief introduction to The Son-Rise Program Start-Up. Bryn explains how coming to the three separate one-week Son-Rise Program training courses offered on our beautiful campus in the heart of the Berkshires and also in the UK can give you all the Autism resources that you need in order to be able to help your child through this loving and accepting alternative Autism treatment program.

Autism recovery is possible! Raun Kaufman, Director of Global Education of the Autism Treatment Center of America, introduces us to techniques and tools you can use immediately to help your child with challenges such as Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger’s Syndrome. He explains that there is in fact a potential cure for Autism while giving positive Autism strategies in order to be able to best help your child from the starting point of truly accepting where they are right now.

Want to figure out if this is the best Autism solution for your child? This amazing three-part webinar compares and contrasts The Son-Rise Program with Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) as potential treatments for Autism for your child. Raun Kaufman, the Director of Global Education of the Autism Treatment Center of America, talks about how The Son-Rise Program uses very different principles from those of ABA in that it does not try and get children to conform to a world that they don’t understand, but truly accepts them where they are while still wanting more for them. He explains that Autism Spectrum Disorders are not behavioral disorders, but social and interactional disorders that are usually treated with a behavioral approach.

Show your child that you love them and that you want to be close to them through amazing Autism strategies shared in this webinar. You will see an introduction to the new video Autism Solution: Getting Started with The Son-Rise Program. You'll meet Barry Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman, the originators of The Son-Rise Program. You'll also meet Raun Kaufman, the original Son-Rise Program child, now fully recovered from Autism and CEO of the Autism Treatment Center of America who shares how Autism recovery is possible.