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The Son-Rise Program® In-Person Maximum Impact

Advanced Training Course

Maximum Impact will help you to hone your skills with knowledge and mastery, rejuvenate your attitude with excitement and infuse your program with an unstoppable motivation for excellence. This course will enable you to continue teaching, training and inspiring your child at an optimum level.

You want to run the most effective program possible for your child and watch as your child blossoms. You began this growth with a solid foundation from The Son-Rise Program Start-Up.

No matter where your program is now...

Maximum Impact is a “must-have” experience for those working with their children using The Son-Rise Program. It provides more tools, more solutions, and more inspiration to take your program to new heights.

Maximum Impact will hone your skills with knowledge and mastery, rejuvenate your attitude with excitement, and infuse your program with an unstoppable motivation for excellence.

You and your Son-Rise Program will never be the same again.

You Will Learn to:

Program Features:

Inspiration from the source.

-Bears and Samahria Kaufman teach throughout this program (when attending this program on our property in Sheffield, MA). They bring their 80+ years of combined experience with families to each and every encounter with our participants. They provide great caring and respect for each parent and child along with strong attitudinal guidance and concrete suggestions. Individualized sessions can be scheduled with each of them during the program.

The Keys to Powerful Program Leadership.

-We give you the tools to become a powerful Force of Nature™ for your child. These tools include: strong clarity of purpose so your program remains on course; unwavering conviction to ensure that your motivation and confidence maintain peak effectiveness; and the most amazing ability to persist so that your child is given every opportunity to meet the goals you have created.

Answers to Every Question.

-This week offers the most time for questions (and answers)! We apply the best of what we know to support your program and help you achieve the greatest possible benefit for your child.

Bonding with Other Son-Rise Program Parents.

-You will be in the company of like-minded parents who are actively implementing a Son-Rise Program® for their children. Together, you will create an environment of community and sharing that will help you get the most from the program as well as an outside support network when you return home

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Call 1-877-766-7473 or 413-229-2100 to speak with one of our Program Advisors. Or, if you'd like to receive a priority call, please click here.

* Please Note: Sunday is your arrival day. Classes don’t begin until Monday morning.

Video Testimonials:

Potty Trained in 3 Weeks

When her son was diagnosed 3 years ago, Nicoleta found the symptoms of autism that her son exhibited to be devastating. She spent years looking for autism support networks and autism treatment programs for her son and was about to give up when she discovered the book ‘Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues’ – a potential cure for autism. Listen to the amazing journey she took with her son, enabling him to become a happy, sociable 6 year old with 50 words and fully potty trained after just 3 months of The Son Rise Program. - 9 mins 54 secs

Anthony Got All His Language Back

Poppy felt helpless and sad when Anthony started showing symptoms of autism – she didn’t know what to do and felt as if she had failed him. Poppy heard about The Son-Rise Program through a friend who offered her the opportunity to join into Anthony’s world and love him unconditionally – an opportunity for autism recovery. She attended an autism training course called The Son Rise Program Start Up. Just 3 days after she returned home, her son’s eye contact and speech increased dramatically. Four days later, Anthony was able to tell Poppy that he loved her. Here is her story: - 7 mins 52 secs

"Mommy, I love you"

At 2 years old Lucas was diagnosed as severely Autistic. He showed symptoms of autism such as no eye contact and limited speech. His parents, Adam and Luzmary felt like their son’s progress was a dead end. With no connection at all with their son they felt like they were raising a robot.

Adam and Luzmary found The Son-Rise Program – a potential cure for autism and an alternative autism treatment program to the behavioral methods they had used before - to be simple and easy to use compared to other treatment for autism they had previously tried. The Son-Rise Program has helped Lucas to understand his feelings better. He’s become truly interested in other people and is now interested in conversation with others. Lucas can appreciate the people in his life so much more since beginning his Son-Rise Program. - 14 mins, 12 secs

Parent Reviews and Autism Journey Letters:

“Maximum Impact was amazing! It is a smaller, more intimate group so we Son-Rise Program parents are able to connect more with others and learn more from our teachers. Maximum Impact goes hand-in-hand with Son-Rise Program Start-up. It was such an eye-opener for me. It gave me a better understanding and picture of how to continue leading a more effective Son-Rise Program. It was a huge boost of energy and self-confidence that I needed in order to do an even better job in the playroom with my child. My attitude is so much better and I am leaving so excited to join my child in the playroom!”

~ Rebecca Simon, Teacher, MD , Childs Name Yisrael, Age 10, Diagnosis High Functioning Autism/PDD-NOS

“This program has strengthened our Son-Rise Program and us tremendously. I am very excited to being so much energy, information and love home and into our program. It has only been 4 months since our Son-Rise Program Start-up and it was so relieving to be back here so quickly. It’s the perfect timing to keep our momentum going, have the opportunity to get the playroom going and have questions answered before getting lost. I would recommend coming soon after the Start-up to really solidify your beliefs and convictions about running the best Son-Rise Program you can."

~ Colleen Errington, Social Worker, OH, Childs Name Gavin, Age 5, Diagnosis Autism

“The Son-Rise Program Maximum Impact provides the participants with the tools and the fundamental beliefs that can serve not only as a foundation for a program that has the capacity to recover a child from Autism but to also empower the parent to change their lives and the lives of their families for the better.”

~ Donnie Hamlett, System Engineer, NY, Childs Name Enensa, Age 8, Diagnosis Autism PDD

"Before The Son-Rise Program®, I was frustrated beyond belief. Everyone offered a speedy diagnosis along with a grim prognosis, but NO HELP! No information on how to help my child, and it was just out of our hands. Finding the Autism Treatment Center of America™ was like a road back home. I know my child better than any professional, and The Son-Rise Program® lets me use my power, not only to reach my son, but to be awed by him. He's already doing things 6 months into the program that were deemed impossible."

~ Shelley B., Texas, Child: Hank, Age 3 Diagnosis: PDD

"My 16-year-old son and family were in a crisis when we first heard about The Son-Rise Program. He was having numerous seizures, becoming aggressive at school and was very unhappy. Fourteen months later, with the benefit of the program taught at the Autism Treatment Center of America, Tyler is so happy. His conversation skills have developed incredibly, his seizures have been reduced from every 5 days to as long as 6 weeks apart! He gives spontaneous hugs, talks about his feelings, has developed a great imagination and is more comfortable in groups and new situations. We are so thankful to have found a way to help Tyler."

~ Gail P., Canada Child: Tyler, Age 17 Diagnosis: Autism/Epilepsy

"When we took The Son-Rise Program Start-Up and Maximum Impact we knew it was right for John. We have not wavered from this and, frankly, the proof is in my son's progress. John was nonverbal before the program—I stopped counting when his vocabulary hit 300 words! He now strings together small sentences and learns new words and sentences every day. He understands numbers to 100 and can do simple addition and subtraction. He knows his colors and his ABC's. He is imaginative, loving and so funny. One of his therapists from school could only stare when she saw John recently and couldn't believe how much he had changed in just the last 3 months."

~ Chris F., Washington Child: John, Age 3* Diagnosis: Autism

"What an uplifting and empowering week! The information we learned from The Son-Rise Program Start-Up was more solidified and made clearer. The Son-Rise Program Maximum Impact will definitely take our Son-Rise Program to a different and more energetic pace and level! I cannot wait to get home. This is definitely a '10' experience!"

~ Paulette B., Pennsylvania Child: Patrick, Age 5* Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder

"The Son-Rise Program Maximum Impact not only will allow me to run an effective Son-Rise Program, but it also taught me how to be a more effective leader in all areas of my life. I will now be a better husband, father and employee. In addition to helping me understand how I can control my beliefs and responses, it also addressed concerns directly related to issues of language development and suggestions on how to address other challenges our son has. It was the best experience I have ever had!"

~ Jim H., Michigan Child: Mark, Age 9* Diagnosis: Autism

"After more than 6 years of trying different therapeutic approaches for Ayman, I finally found the way to reach my dream of having my son back."

~ Mohamed N., England Ayman, Age 11* Diagnosis: Autism

Autism Support Webinars:

If you want your child to want to interact with you and be really motivated to learn, then take a look at this webinar where Bryn Hogan, Executive Director of the Autism Treatment Center of America™, provides a brief introduction to The Son-Rise Program Start-Up. Bryn explains how coming to the three separate one-week Son-Rise Program training courses offered on our beautiful campus in the heart of the Berkshires and also in the UK can give you all the Autism resources that you need in order to be able to help your child through this loving and accepting alternative Autism treatment program.

Autism recovery is possible! Raun Kaufman, Director of Global Education of the Autism Treatment Center of America, introduces us to techniques and tools you can use immediately to help your child with challenges such as Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger’s Syndrome. He explains that there is in fact a potential cure for Autism while giving positive Autism strategies in order to be able to best help your child from the starting point of truly accepting where they are right now.

Want to figure out if this is the best Autism solution for your child? This amazing three-part webinar compares and contrasts The Son-Rise Program with Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) as potential treatments for Autism for your child. Raun Kaufman, the Director of Global Education of the Autism Treatment Center of America, talks about how The Son-Rise Program uses very different principles from those of ABA in that it does not try and get children to conform to a world that they don’t understand, but truly accepts them where they are while still wanting more for them. He explains that Autism Spectrum Disorders are not behavioral disorders, but social and interactional disorders that are usually treated with a behavioral approach.

Show your child that you love them and that you want to be close to them through amazing Autism strategies shared in this webinar. You will see an introduction to the new video Autism Solution: Getting Started with The Son-Rise Program. You'll meet Barry Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman, the originators of The Son-Rise Program. You'll also meet Raun Kaufman, the original Son-Rise Program child, now fully recovered from Autism and CEO of the Autism Treatment Center of America who shares how Autism recovery is possible.