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The Son-Rise Program® Intensive:
Advanced Training Program

The Son-Rise Program Intensive is a completely unique and beautiful program that we have been providing to families from around the globe since 1983. This five-day program is designed to support you and your entire family. Our focus and intention is to give you, and your child the greatest level of care and guidance possible. We will use our unique Social Developmental Model to focus on areas such as eye contact, attention span, verbal communication, and flexibility. Our highly trained and experienced staff will dedicate themselves to providing guidance, direction, techniques, and inspiration in a highly respectful and caring way.

This program is the most focused and powerful intervention program available for any child.

After completing the Son-Rise Program Intensive, families have reported the following:




We understand the challenges that can arise when traveling with your child and bringing them to a new setting. With this in mind, the Son-Rise House was designed to make this transition as smooth and comfortable as possible. You will have your own “home” while you are here, complete with two bedrooms, dining area, kitchen, living room, and two bathrooms. Your child’s specially designed playroom/focus room is located in your “home” and comes equipped with a large two-way mirror and audio system so that you can freely observe your child’s therapy at any time.


"I would really like to express my deepest and sincerest thanks for all that you and the team did for us during our Son-Rise Program Intensive. We learned so much in one week about our program, about Mac and most importantly about ourselves -- there's no greater gift that could be given to a person! We have watched our footage a couple of times now of Juliette and Camila with Mac in the playroom. Mac just loves it! He's trying to say their names and singing out 'I want playroom!' The new words and sentences he is saying is incredible. And Vienne…well she is just a different child altogether. She is more open to what we have to say to guide her and she has been the best teacher for Mac. All we hear at the moment is Mac calling out 'Vienne, where are you? Come here.' They are playing so well together and it's the sound of angels echoing through our house to hear them. Something last year we thought we never would hear or see. Please pass on our sincere thanks to Samahria for taking the time to sit with us. At the time, I was overwhelmed with everything and I didn't convey how wonderful it was to get the opportunity to not only meet such an inspiring woman but to talk with her about our precious daughter, Vienne. We'd been struggling for a while with how best to support her. Without both Bears and Samahria, we would still be searching for our son. Without their belief in Raun and in all our special kids, without their faith in themselves, we would not be able to reach Mac in such a profound, natural and loving way. I could go on and on and on but I won't. A million thanks will never compare to what The Son-Rise Program and your magnificent team have done for the Kite Family and for Mac."
~ Jodi Kite, Registered Nurse, Australia Child: Mac, Age 4* Diagnosis: Autism

"I believe I am part of an expression of the universe rather than being disconnected from it. This means I can relax and know my personal growth adventure in my Son Rise Program as a Certified Option Process Mentor, is therefore an expression of the WHOLE universe and that my life is always fine, the world is always fine, everybody is always fine because there is nothing outside of me/the universe, to fear. I realize that when I do not think that way, I can always explore myself using The Option Process Dialogue until I have that connection with myself and, hence, the universe. At that point I know I am in a position to help my beautiful son Christopher thrive because I am effortlessly happy, confident and relaxed, with the 3Es, and therefore more fun and enticing to my son, who is speaking MUCH better since our Son Rise intensive last month. BIG thanks to the whole Son Rise Program team at the Autism Treatment Center of America, and Bears, Samahria and Clyde whose wisdom and expertise during the week was awesome! Sign up for a Son Rise intensive if you can. It will give another dimension to your program. Shoot for the stars!"

     ~ Mark O., Son-Rise Program Dad Son: Christopher Diagnosis: PDD-NOS, Age: 8, France

"Anyone who has a child with challenges-come here. You will get hope, direction, support and confidence. This is the one place in the world where you are treated like a celebrity because you have a 'special' child."

     ~ Terri S., South Carolina Child: John, Age 3* Diagnosis: Autism

"We came to The Son-Rise Program® with hope that my lovely sister, Eileen (44 years old), would have the opportunity to become everything she wants to be. Since we have been here, her repetitious behaviors have decreased by 50%. She has stopped scratching us and has a longer attention span. Not only have we seen her ability to communicate verbally, but she has also shown us that she wants to communicate by writing simple words-this is a miracle we never expected. We are thrilled!!"

     ~ Leah D., England Sister: Eileen, Age 44* Diagnosis: Autism

"It was wonderful to deal with so many people who were all so obviously pleased to be dealing with our son and who enthused tremendously at each and every piece of progress and effort he made. The staff was charming and, in the short time we were here, it was clear that Scott progressed further and quicker than he had in months and months of individual therapy."

     ~ Richard W., Bermuda Child: Scott, Age 4* Diagnosis: Developmentally Delayed

"It hardly seems like a year since our visit to the Autism Treatment Center of America™. Allison, who barely spoke a year ago, now requests almost everything by name. She knows her alphabet and numbers and actually enjoys learning! We feel that her success is directly attributable to what we learned from you. Your methods not only gave us effective ways to treat our daughter, but also touched us profoundly. Thank you."

     ~ Ray and Debbie R., Michigan Child: Allison, Age 4* Diagnosis: Autism

*Age at which the child started the program