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Video Webcasts - Son-Rise Teachers Give Insight

A Son-Rise Mom Answers Your Questions

Join us for an idea packed interview with a Son-Rise Program Mom. Kristin Selby Gonzalez has been doing a Son-Rise Program with her son Jaxson for over two years. Raun K. Kaufman invites Kristin to share with all of you some outside-the-box ideas from her own experience that have made her Son-Rise Program successful. Kristin will talk strategies she has used for group meetings, getting volunteers, putting together the playroom, and overcoming challenges. Kristin, a former Teacher, is also a certified Body Ecologist, Certified Listening Program Provider, Educator for Enzymedica (enzyme manufacturer), has received extensive training in sensory integration including the Wilbarger Protocol, the Alerts Program, and has implemented multiple dietary and biomedical interventions (including chelation, anti-fungal treatment, enzyme therapy, probiotic therapy, and supplementation).
60 mins

Part 1:

Part 2: