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Son-Rise Families Share Their Stories

Oscar Recovering from Autism through The Son-Rise Program

The Son-Rise Program's techniques for treating Autism have enabled Oscar to grow from a severely autistic child, rocking, flapping, without language skills or imagination, crying and tantruming several hours a day, to become a loving, extroverted and creative boy with skills and understanding that a child psychologist evaluated as beyond typical children his age. After six weeks of initiating The Son-Rise Program, Oscar began to speak. Within 6 months Oscar's language skills exploded into conversation. Today Oscar is an amazing, very social boy with an exceptional imagination that he enjoys in games and playful pursuit with his peers, sister and family friends. Oscar's parents credit Oscar's turnaround to The Son-Rise Program.
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"Oscar was completely non-verbal and cried and rocked all day. After The Son-Rise Program, he has improved so much that a child psychologist reported he is a year above typical skills & understanding for a child his age."

~Patricia & Simon L., Ireland Son: Oscar 5, Diagnosis: Autism