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Video Testimonials - Son-Rise Families Share Their Stories

Autism: Reducing Anxiety at School Using The Son-Rise Program (Jack's Story)

Kerry has 3 children on the autism spectrum. Her 10 year old son, Jack, was diagnosed with PDD-NOS. Although he was high functioning he had great anxiety about going to school. He would have fits, throw himself on the floor, cry, and hit himself. Kerry was overwhelmed and depressed. Then a friend told her about The Son-Rise Program Start-Up at the Autism Treatment Center of America™, co-founded by Barry Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman. Kerry has been using The Son-Rise Program principles with Jack and was surprised to see so many changes! Now Jack shares more with her and is able to work out his anxiety. Hes having great days at school! And Kerry is no longer depressed. She feels rewarded and blessed to have her 3 amazing children.
6 mins 46 secs