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Fully Recovered From Autism: Jake's Son-Rise Program® Journey

Jake has fully recovered from autism. Until he was 2 years old, Jake was hitting his milestones early. And then when he turned 2 - he regressed. He was diagnosed with severe autism and PDD. His parents were told that he would never speak, never dress himself, never be toilet trained, never have meangful relatiuonships. His parents came to The Son-Rise Program® Start-Up at the Autism Treatment Center of America™ for help with autism treatment. Within a few days of running their Son-Rise Program at home, Jake began to say "Mommy" and "Daddy.". After 8 weeks of working with Jake in his Son-Rise Program playroom, his eye contact had improved 600%, his interactive attention span increased 1000% and he had a vocabulary of 50 words! Jake has gone on to succeed in mainstream school and today is a typical teenager.
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