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Son-Rise Families Share Their Stories

"From Disconnected to Interactive"

At 20 months Debbie’s daughter Meg was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and showed signs of autism such as seeming like she couldn’t hear and being unresponsive. Doctors offered no hope that she’d get better. Over-stimulated by the environment around her – a common symptom of autism - Meg was constantly in distress.

Debbie had explored alternative treatments for autism and found The Son-Rise Program. When Debbie began her Son-Rise Program Meg began responding right away. Debbie believes the changes in Meg are a miracle. The biggest change is that her body is now calm. It no longer seems like her wheels are spinning constantly. She also loves to sit on the floor and read with her parents now. The Son-Rise Program has changed Debbie’s and her daughter’s lives.
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