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Video Testimonials - Son-Rise Families Share Their Stories

Aggression Replaced by Affection

Renee has twins. Corrine was diagnosed with autism and her brother, Carson, has pervasive development disorder (PDD). Corrine's development was typical until she was 3 and exhibited severe symptoms of autism. She became non-verbal and very aggressive - biting and attacking. Renee and her husband were devastated and hopeless. They learned about The Son-Rise Program at an Autism One Conference. Now 7 months since they began running 2 Son-Rise Programs for the twins, Corrine is affectionate, interactive, and her language has begun to return. Hear her story and how her family's life has profoundly changed since she came to the Autism Treatment Center of America and took The Son-Rise Program Start-Up.
10 mins 12 secs