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Autism Treatment Webcasts

Son-Rise Program Teachers Give Families Insight for helping their Children with Autism

View helpful video webcasts put on by our experienced teachers and founders of The Son-Rise Program. Whether you are looking for autism treatment for your child or already running a Son-Rise Program, our teachers can answer your questions. Watch Introductions to The Son-Rise Program or videos on how to introduce new games with your child. A Son-Rise Program Mom and a Son-Rise Program Dad give testimonials on what they did to help recover their children.

We have posted some webcasts with Son-Rise Program teachers on our website that are free and available to view by all.

#1) Breakthrough Strategies for Autism Spectrum Disorders by Raun K. Kaufman, First Son-Rise Program Child

Raun K. Kaufman, himself fully recovered from Autism, is the CEO of the Autism Treatment Center of America. Raun discusses three innovative, outside-the-box techniques of The Son-Rise Program that you can use today to help your child. A great introduction to The Son-Rise Program, these initial strategies will enable you to help your child move beyond stimming (without you stopping or discouraging your child’s behavior), learn new skills (without you having to push or pressure), and, most especially, to form meaningful, caring relationships with others.
1 hour 28 mins

#2) The Son-Rise Program: Starting The Training Process by Bryn Hogan, Executive Director of the Autism Treatment Center of America

Bryn Hogan, Executive Director of The Son-Rise Program, introduces The Son-Rise Program Start Up, a course for parents designed to provide concrete tools to reach their children with autism. In this video, she provides some information about the different techniques you can learn to use with a child, such as the “three E’s”, Energy, Excitement and Enthusiasm, as well as methods for learning to manage the personal challenges of raising a child with Autism.
3 mins 18 secs

#3) An Introduction to The Son-Rise Program by Barry (Bears) Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman, Co-Originators of The Son-Rise Program

In this video segment, you will see an introduction to the new video, Autism Solution: Getting Started with The Son-Rise Program. You'll meet Barry Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman, the originators of The Son-Rise Program. You'll also meet Raun K. Kaufman, the original Son-Rise Program child, now fully recovered from Autism and CEO of Autism Treatment Center of America.
12 mins 45 secs

#4) Contrasting and Comparing The Son-Rise Program with ABA by Raun K. Kaufman

As a parent or professional, have you ever wondered what separates The Son-Rise Program from Applied Behavioral Analysis and similar interventions? Or, are you already implementing a Son-Rise Program but sometimes struggle when explaining the differences to others? In this webcast Raun delivers a fun, feisty and informative breakdown of the factors that distinguish these treatments.
1 hour 30 mins

#5) Principles of The Son-Rise Program with Barry (Bears) Neil Kaufman, Co-Originator of The Son-Rise Program

Barry Neil Kaufman, co-founder of the Autism Treatment Center of America, describes the philosophical principles upon which The Son-Rise Program method of autism treatment is based. Among other things, he explains the philosophy behind not placing limitations on a child’s potential, the value of seeing a child with autism as a blessing, the power of joining a child in his or her behavior, and the importance of attitude in helping children with Autism.
10 mins 17 secs

#6) Creating Games for Your Son-Rise Program® Inspire your child with new activities for the playroom! with Kate Wilde, Director of The Son-Rise Program

The Autism Treatment Center of America™ has produced Creating Games for Your Son-Rise Program® to help you understand how to create specific, fun, easy to develop games for your child on the autism spectrum. Kate Wilde, Director of The Son-Rise Program, gives a delightful explanation of how to recognize and use your child's unique motivations to create simple, fun games built around your specific social goals for your child based on The Son-Rise Program's Developmental Model. Kate gives examples of games and recipes for how to create many games to develop social skills, eye contact, flexibility, and more, for all children with autism or Asperger's syndrome.
19:17 mins

#7) High-functioning/Aspergers by William Hogan, Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher

William Hogan, presents practical strategies to help our higher functioning and Aspergers children develop stronger social skills. Your child's continual discussions of weather patterns or train schedules, or their focus on one activity may have lead to frustration or challenges in the past. In this ninety minute webcast William will show you specific techniques that will enable you to actually use that same “focus” to become closer and more engaged with your child. You will learn how to turn these once socially exclusive behaviors into interactive experiences which will help your child be more flexible and engaged. This webcast will show you how to motivate your child to become involved in new games, conversations and activities with others.
90 mins

#8) Get Your Child Talking Powerful and highly effective tools to encourage your child to start talking with Kate Wilde, Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher

Are you looking for ways to inspire your child who has limited speech or perhaps hasn’t spoken their first word yet? We invite you to watch a very special webcast designed for parents whose children are nonverbal, only speak up to ten words, or who only have speech-like sounds.

We understand how important it is for you to help your child learn to communicate, to express their needs and build strong relational connections. Learn effective, easy techniques to help your child embrace the power of verbal communication. When applying The Son-Rise Program principles of quick response, words spoken result in action, and celebration, we have witnessed the miracle of hundreds of children speak for the very first time, or increase their vocabularies exponentially. These principles can be applied immediately to begin making a difference in the life of your special child.
60 mins

#9) A Father's Story with Brian Nelson

Would you like to recover your child from Autism?
Would you simply like to hear your child say Daddy or Mommy?

Here is your chance to speak first hand with our own Brian Nelson whose son Jake went from being non-verbal to saying Daddy and Mommy only days after starting The Son-Rise Program. Today Jake, a young man of 13, is not only off the spectrum with no diagnosis but is also graduating to middle school, on the academic honor role and well on his way to a black belt in Karate. Jake is by any standard a typical teenager at this point with no signs of his previous challenges.
60 mins

#10) A Son-Rise Mom Answers Your Questions

Join us for an idea packed interview with a Son-Rise Program Mom. Kristin Selby Gonzalez has been doing a Son-Rise Program with her son Jaxson for over two years. Raun K. Kaufman invites Kristin to share with all of you some outside-the-box ideas from her own experience that have made her Son-Rise Program successful. Kristin will talk strategies she has used for group meetings, getting volunteers, putting together the playroom, and overcoming challenges. Kristin, a former Teacher, is also a certified Body Ecologist, Certified Listening Program Provider, Educator for Enzymedica (enzyme manufacturer), has received extensive training in sensory integration including the Wilbarger Protocol, the Alerts Program, and has implemented multiple dietary and biomedical interventions (including chelation, anti-fungal treatment, enzyme therapy, probiotic therapy, and supplementation).
60 mins

#11) Decision Making in the Playroom by Raun K. Kaufman

Whether you are new to The Son-Rise Program or you have recently begun your program, it is invaluable to have a way to decide what direction to take from moment to moment, as you work with your child. One of the many unique characteristics of The Son-Rise Program is its truly child-centered approach. To reach our children in a meaningful way (rather than simply training them to perform behaviors), we must follow our child’s lead and allow them to show us when to join them in their world and when to challenge them to join us in ours. Instead of enforcing some artificially predetermined schedule, we can use our child’s specific signals to guide us.

This can be relatively simple if we have a roadmap – and that’s what this webcast is designed to provide for you.

Learn the basics of The Son-Rise Program ABCs: the Assess → Bond → Challenge roadmap (complete with red lights and green lights)!. Find out the questions (in essence, micro-assessments) that are crucial to be asking throughout your sessions so that you can make clear decisions about what to do. You bring your love, caring, and enthusiasm, and we’ll show you how to translate that into tangible action to enable your child to bond with you and grow in new directions.
1 hour 30 mins

#12) Aggressive Behaviors by William Hogan, Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher

In this webcast William Hogan introduces you to solutions for the behaviors that you may be finding most challenging in your child - hitting, spitting, pinching, scratching, hair pulling and so on. He offers a totally new perspective on these behaviors along with very specific ways to take care of them. The Son-Rise Program viewpoint enables you to understand why your child displays these behaviors and, therefore, makes them so much easier to address. In our work with these magical, special children and their families over the last twenty-five years we have assisted many, many parents through these behaviors - not only helping to remove them altogether, but also teaching their children ways to interact that are warm, loving and highly interactive.
60 mins

#13) Son-Rise Family Journeys

Parents in the UK describe the personal experience of hope and recovery for their autistic children with The Son-Rise Program. They describe their journeys from withdrawal and isolation in their children, to joining and communication far beyond what they had been advised would be possible for their child. In this intimate look into 4 families’ lives after applying the tools they learned in The Son-Rise Program courses, they describe the incredible transformation of their children and families.

Autism Treatment Interviews - A Blast From The Past

Oprah Winfrey interviews Barry (Bears) Neil Kaufman

View this wonderful "blast from the past" from 1981. Barry Neil Kaufman is interviewed on the television show "People are Talking" by none other than Oprah Winfrey.
14 mins, 12 secs

Autism & Failure to Thrive! Fearless Solutions

In this 1984 interview from the show "People Are Talking", a mother of a child with Autism and Failure To Thrive (referred to in the show, as "Anorexia") explains how The Son-Rise Program helped her child learn to eat and ultimately thrive. Barry Neil Kaufman, the co-founder of the Autism Treatment Center of America (a division of The Option Institute), explores the steps taken to help the woman's daughter recover using The Son-Rise Program's key principles, including "joining" and allowing the child be the guide.
8 mins 54 secs

Autism Full Recovery: The Son-Rise Program

1976. Pat Collins finds out how Barry Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte kaufman began to discover that their son Raun was responding to their "joining" in his "ism's". Their treatment of their son forms the basis of a program now called, "The Son-Rise Program".
8 mins 27 seconds