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How to transform your child’s Repetitious Behaviors (Stims)

The Son-Rise Program: Starting The Training Process

Bryn Hogan, Executive Director of The Son-Rise Program, introduces The Son-Rise Program Start Up, a course for parents designed to provide concrete tools to reach their children with autism. In this video, she provides some information about the different techniques you can learn to use with a child, such as the “three E’s”, Energy, Excitement and Enthusiasm, as well as methods for learning to manage the personal challenges of raising a child with Autism.
3 mins 18 secs (Video Coming Soon)

Part 4: Joining

A cornerstone of the Son-Rise Program is the principle of "Joining". Here, Bryn Hogan, Executive Director of the Autism Treatment Center of America, shows you how to begin. The Son-Rise Program is taught at the Autism Treatment Center of America.
6 mins 24 secs