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Video Webcasts - Son-Rise Teachers Give Insight

Decision Making in the Playroom

Whether you are new to The Son-Rise Program or you have recently begun your program, it is invaluable to have a way to decide what direction to take from moment to moment, as you work with your child. One of the many unique characteristics of The Son-Rise Program is its truly child-centered approach. To reach our children in a meaningful way (rather than simply training them to perform behaviors), we must follow our child’s lead and allow them to show us when to join them in their world and when to challenge them to join us in ours. Instead of enforcing some artificially predetermined schedule, we can use our child’s specific signals to guide us.

This can be relatively simple if we have a roadmap – and that’s what this webcast is designed to provide for you.

Learn the basics of The Son-Rise Program ABCs: the Assess → Bond → Challenge roadmap (complete with red lights and green lights)!. Find out the questions (in essence, micro-assessments) that are crucial to be asking throughout your sessions so that you can make clear decisions about what to do. You bring your love, caring, and enthusiasm, and we’ll show you how to translate that into tangible action to enable your child to bond with you and grow in new directions.

1 hour 30 mins

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: