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Video Testimonials - Son-Rise Families Share Their Stories

Autism: Huge Changes in Language & Flexibility Using The Son-Rise Program

In this video Alexe gives an excellent overview of 3 key aspects of The Son-Rise Program. Alexe's son, Christopher, could repeat anything (echolalia) but he couldn't say a word on his own or communicate his needs. He played repetitive games with his toy figurines and would have huge, long tantrums if one of them so much as fell over. The family's life was severely restricted by Christopher's behavior. Alexe became depressed. They tried an autism treatment program that had no parental support and left them completely exhausted. Finally they came to The Son-Rise Program Start-Up at the Autism Treatment Center of America™, co-founded by Barry Neil Kaufman (Bears) and Samahria Lyte Kaufman. They found everything they needed to help Christopher and themselves. Now Christopher is talking and interacting, he is flexible and loving, and the whole family has benefitted from The Son-Rise Program.

8 mins 39 secs