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The Autism Treatment Center of America is the worldwide teaching center for
The Son-Rise Program®, a powerful, effective and totally unique treatment for children and adults challenged by Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), Asperger's Syndrome , and other developmental difficulties.

Treating Autism, Aspergers and Other Developmental Disorders

Son-Rise Program® Family Journeys Produced by Sean Fitzgerald.

The Son-Rise Program is different than - even opposite to - almost everything you've been told to do to help your child. Most schools and therapists, too, are operating on a deep misconception about what autism is and what works to treat it.

Traditional methods see autism as a disorder that is primarily behavioral (some even have the word "behavior" in their name). They seek to eliminate or extinguish unwanted behaviors and promote wanted behaviors through repetition, training, and rewards.

With over 35 years of experience working with more than 35,000 parents, children, and professionals from over 130 different countries, we understand that autism is, at its core, a social relational disorder. Fundamentally, our children, regardless of whether they are not yet verbal or have Asperger's Syndrome, have difficulty connecting to, relating to, and communicating with others. Sure, our children may have behaviors that look different, but these are symptoms, not causes, and trying to stamp them out is not the answer.

The Son-Rise Program is an alternative autism treatment based upon the idea that the children show us the way in, and then we show them the way out. This means that, rather than trying for force our children to conform to a world that they don't yet understand, we join them in their world first.

We have seen that children on the autism spectrum can:

We do not put limits on the possibilities for your child.

We can help you to bring your child as far across the bridge from Autism to recovery as possible. For some, this means complete recovery. For others, this means improvements in their child's development, human connection, communication, skill acquisition and quality of life far beyond what most would have ever predicted

We can provide help for Autism and teach you to:

You're not giving up on your child. Neither are we.

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A Son-Rise Program mom shares her letter…

Dears Bears,

As you know our Son-Rise Program is staffed by an agency USING STATE FUNDING (Maine) . WE are SO blessed to have amazing staff. Emma is making GREAT PROGRESS.... two years ago she was stage 2 and 3 in all areas except language. Today, she is stage 4-5 in ALL areas. Yeah Son-Rise Program, Yeah Emma yeah US! In addition, WE ARE THE PEBBLE IN THE POND, and we are seeing ripples: there are now at least three professionals locally who DO NOT WORK in Emma's program starting to use The Option Process (taught at The Option Institute) and The Son-Rise Program (taught at the Autism Treatment Center of America): another child is making great strides with The Son-Rise Program techniques, another child has the S-B-R model (Stimulus/Belief/Response you teach) in his treatment plan, and another ripple is a supervisor starting to read your book, HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE. Look at the lives you and Samahria have touched… people you may never meet. I love you both, and continue to be grateful every day, every hour, every second for you and The Option Process and The Son-Rise Program.

Love, Ellen S., Homemaker & Son-Rise Program Mom, Maine — Daughter: Emma, Age:7, Diagnosis: Sensory Integration Dysfunction