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Part 6: Stop Denying Our Children Biomedical Treatments

Autism may be affecting more than 1 in 150 children, but I guess that doesn’t inspire most pediatricians to get a clue as to how the disorder actually works.

I remain flabbergasted that large portions of one of the most educated groups of people in our country – medical doctors – remain willfully ignorant about the biology of autism.

In many, many cases, autism is a neurological and gastrointestinal and immunological disorder. Our children can have heavy metal toxicity, digestive dysfunction, fungal and viral infections, and serious deficiencies in minerals such as zinc and magnesium.

These issues are treatable – and reversible. In fact, the most basic (and risk-free) place to begin is with dietary intervention.

This isn’t some fringe idea. These biomedical components of autism – and their treatments – are backed by research conducted by medical doctors on the cutting edge of autism treatment. Go to any autism conference, and you will hear all about this.

And yet, most parents still face pediatricians who deny the facts. My personal favorite was the doctor who told the parents of a 2-year-old boy in excruciating pain from weeks of constipation, “he’s holding it in on purpose.” This just doesn’t cut it.

When I was diagnosed with severe autism, my parents helped me to fully recover by pioneering a unique educational program for me and using specific dietary interventions to address my biology. Although my parents were dismissed at the time (the early 1970’s), science has now caught up with our children’s physiology.

Now it’s time for the rest of the doctors to catch up with science.

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