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Part 3: Stop Writing Off This Generation Of Kids

With 1 out of 150 children now being diagnosed with autism, I find it baffling that millions and millions of dollars are being poured into autism research to look at…genetics.

Well, I’m sure that finding out the genes that contribute to autism will do our great grandkids a lot of good. But what about the children who are alive right now? What about our kids?

We are facing a national and international autism epidemic, and we’re dumping our research dollars into genes. Giant autism charities are holding fundraisers, sending their minions onto Larry King, and touting their ability to funnel their money into genetic studies which will not help a single child who is actually breathing.

Hey, I have a crazy idea: what about we help the millions of children in this current, enormous generation of children with autism? If there are millions of dollars to be raised and spent on autism, let’s spend that money on families who could desperately use that money to get treatment for their own children.

At the Autism Treatment Center of America, we put all of our energy and resources into helping families right here, right now – in 2008, not 2030. As a guy who used to have severe autism and is now completely recovered due to my parents developing a program to help me, this isn’t academic to me. We must decide whether or not we will prioritize this generation of children…or write them off.

When it comes to children with autism, whose side are you on?

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