Autism Treatment Center of America®

Karen Spelman Memorial Fund

For 11 years, Karen Spelman dedicated her life to helping children with special needs. Whether in the playroom, working with parents or talking with others, Karen knew how powerful the Son-Rise Program® could be for families and children. She spoke to everyone she could about how incredibly effective this program was for these wonderful children, and she was tireless in her support. Karen's dedication to The Son-Rise Program® extended far beyond her work as a Child Facilitator. She was an inspiration to so many others who now follow in her footsteps.
We currently have 3 Son-Rise Program® Child Facilitator trainees who were all inspired to undertake this rigorous training program, by this wonderful woman.

Each trainee traveled from across the sea (from the Czech Republic, England and Scotland) to take part in the program to which Karen brought such life and meaning.

Karen also spent considerable time helping to raise money for the Autism Treatment Center of America™ so that families who had financial hardship, from all over the world, could receive scholarships to attend our programs. We can't think of a better way to honor her dedication, love and spirit than by creating a special memorial scholarship fund. This special fund will provide much needed scholarship money for families desperately trying to reach their children, and will give them hope for their child's future—often for the first time. Part of the fund will go to train future Child Facilitators so they can continue the same tradition of excellence that Karen so personified.

Those who knew Karen are aware of how much she gave of herself to help others. Her death does not end her service to families and children. The power of her passion still serves as an inspiration and as an example of how much one person can do for so many. We invite you to join us in helping Karen continue to give families and children the tools and the hope to reach for the stars, to never give up and to always strive to live, learn and grow.

Our very special friends, Son-Rise parents Scott and Cherri Sanes, have generously cast the first stone in the water by donating $10,000 each year to this special memorial fund:

"Cherri and I have been doing a lot of soul searching since Karen's death. Most of our discussions have focused on our priorities in life and in our relationships. We have been reminded of how important all of you at the Autism Treatment Center of America™ are in our lives. Please charge our Mastercard on the first of each month in the amount of $833.34 for the foreseeable future as our donation in support of everything The Son-Rise Program® and Karen stood for in our lives and in the lives of countless others."

Please extend your hand in support of Karen Spelman's work and life by giving to her special memorial fund. No matter how much you give, it will make an impact and could mean the difference between hope and hopelessness for a child with special needs and for their family.

We thank you so very much.