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Where In The World Is Raun K. Kaufman?

Autism Grass Roots Tour

Raun K. Kaufman is an international lecturer, writer and teacher for The Son-Rise Program at the Autism Treatment Center of America. In his work with families, children and professionals from around the world, Raun brings a distinctive qualification to the realm of Autism treatment—his own personal history as a person fully recovered from Autism.

Raun will be involved in a 2009 Autism Grass Roots Tour with Kristin Selby Gonzalez, the Director of Autism Education for Enzymedica, Inc, the tour’s sponsor, and a Son-Rise Mom.

Kristin is the Director of Autism Education for Enzymedica and a Son-Rise Mom. Kristin has been doing The Son-Rise Program with her son for over four years and has seen him progress from very withdrawn with no language, to a playful and interactive boy who now speaks in five-word sentences.

Ms. Gonzalez possesses an extraordinary body of knowledge and experience with both educational and biomedical interventions for autism. Kristin is experienced in several areas including enzyme therapy, dietary intervention sensory integration and play therapy.

In addition to sponsoring this Grass Roots Tour, Enzymedica Inc., is providing scholarships for 100 families to attend an upcoming Son-Rise Program Start-Up. Attendees of the Grass Roots Tour will be given the opportunity to apply for these scholarships at each of the lectures.

The tour will crisscross the country over an eleven month period, reaching thousands of attendees. At each lecture you will learn how to begin after a diagnosis of Autism, what to add to existing treatments, and how to stay inspired. Seminar topics will include information about The Son-Rise Program including how to implement a program at home as well as information on enzyme therapies, biomedical treatments, sensory integration, diet, living toxin-free and other ways to supplement your home-based Son-Rise Program with other Autism therapies effectively.

All seminars are free and open to both family members and caregivers seeking Autism education. Visit for more information.