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Autism Awareness Month

A diagnosis of Autism can be devastating to a family. When a small child suddenly withdraws and “disconnects” from his parents, siblings, friends and the world, the effect can be heart-breaking. Finding help in the professional community can be frustrating and seemingly hopeless. But it doesn’t have to be.

The Autism Treatment Center of America, home of The Son-Rise Program, has helped more than 22,000 families discover an extraordinary unity and caring in a situation that so often leads to division and stress. (Did you know there is an 80% divorce rate among families of children with Autism?) Children treated in The Son-Rise Program, have gone on to reintegrate into school, live full lives, and leave Autism behind. We offer hope, direction, support and confidence where others offer a bleak future.

This April, Autism Awareness Month, we are asking for your help – your financial help. Join us. The world is in turmoil, the economic outlook is grim for so many, and yet, here we are, asking you to help. We are very aware that the current economic climate isn’t the best time to ask for your financial help. Please remember this … if we don’t take a stand as individuals we will never create the task force necessary to combat Autism. When you give to the Autism Treatment Center of America you join hands with one of the most incredible collective Forces of Nature imaginable … people working together with generosity and love to help save our children. Can you imagine the impact for a mother to hear her child say, “I love you, mommy,” for the first time? How much is that worth?

“The Son-Rise Program is a life saver. After exhausting every other venue for the treatment of our severely autistic daughter, all to no avail, we stumbled across the Son-Rise Program. Since its implementation, Hannah has gone from near non-verbal to speaking in 3-5 word sentences, knowing hundreds of words. The Son-Rise Program has changed my life forever. I have found HOPE for a better future for my daughter. Thank you, Son-Rise Program.”

Dan Pluym, Australia

Ask Dan if The Son-Rise Program has been worth it for his daughter, Hannah. If The Son-Rise Program were to be affected because of lack of funds, that would mean families would no longer have a place to go where the message is one of hope and a positive view to the future. Please don’t let that happen.

We encourage you to give monthly through our easy pledge program. Authorize us to bill your credit card monthly … $25, $50, $100 or more a month. Just $50 a month ($600 /year) could make the difference in providing financial aid for a family to come to a Son-Rise Program. Make a life-changing difference for a family touched by Autism.

Here’s a sampling of what various donor amounts can accomplish:

We ask you to recognize and honor Autism Awareness Month with a generous, life-saving gift.

You can make a secure, one-time donation on our web site at You can call Catherine Ullett at 413.229.8063, ext 127 to make your donation or set up a pledge program.

For other ways to donate, such as corporate matching gifts, stock gifts or a legacy gift, call Catherine.

Thank you so much!

Clyde Haberman Director of Major Gifts

Join Us … Please Give Now.

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