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Son-Rise Program Parents Explore Issues & Challenges

Listen below to actual dialogues between parents and Co-Founder Barry (Bears) Neil Kaufman, recorded live, during The Son-Rise Wide-Awake Program, the ultimate Son-Rise Program training course led by Barry (Bears) Neil Kaufman.

Son-Rise Program parents and volunteers, you already know you're the most effective in your Son-Rise Program when you're totally comfortable and positive in your attitude. The Son-Rise Program Wide Awake is your chance to take that attitude to entirely new heights. You'll challenge your core beliefs, your everyday MO, your very foundation and come out clearer, stronger and wiser.

Is having a child with Autism just about the most challenging situation you’ve ever experienced in your life? Do you feel scared one day, overwhelmed the next? Are you and your child sometimes judged, even deserted, by family members and friends? Do you question whether you’re smart enough, strong enough and even courageous enough to successfully handle this kind of situation?

If you’ve answered "yes" to any of the questions above, you're not alone. Listen below to these intimate audio recordings from The Son-Rise Program Wide Awake and walk alongside other parents, who in their search for understanding, help all of us reframe our thoughts, feelings and circumstances and create more clarity, peace and inspiration with ourselves and our very, very special children. Join us for the upcoming Son-Rise Program Wide Awake, November 7-12, 2010.

Bears Kaufman Introduces "Posting"

"Unearthing thoughts/feelings/the inner dialogue."(1:12)

Linda with Paul’s Slippers

"I wish he was here."(5:46)

Autism and A Mom’s Illness

"I'll take care of me later."(9:15)

Clinging To Those Who Understand

"I’m all alone with my son and his Autism"(16:07)

What Happened To My Family & Friends?

"People scare themselves around my child."(8:57)

Withdrawing From Judgments of Others

"Why can’t you control your child?"(7:56)

Son-Rise Mom Faces Her Fears

"I'm not good enough"(17:55)