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The Son-Rise Program Awarded
Best Autism Therapy

Best Autism Therapy Award group picture

What began with the excitement of The Son-Rise Program Staff speaking and providing free childcare at the AutismOne National Conference turned into an unforgettable week with The Son-Rise Program winning Best Therapy in a category including ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) and RDI (Relationship Development Intervention); Raun K. Kaufman, Director of Global Education of the Autism Treatment Center of America, winning Best Presenter; and The Son-Rise Program Child Facilitators and Teachers overjoyed by the comments made by parents recognizing changes in their children after spending time in The Son-Rise Program childcare rooms. Parents reported children being calmer, smiling more, sleeping better, talking more and showing affection for the first time.

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The AutismOne National Conference is the most comprehensive Autism conference in the world. The annual 5-day event held in Chicago, Illinois educates parents and professionals about the most up-to-date research and interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorders presented by leading experts. Workshops, roundtables, classes and special events provide a powerful experience for parents and professionals to come together as one Autism community.

The 2011 conference, Autism Recovery on a Budget: Empowering Parents, featured a joint keynote address by Jenny McCarthy and Byron Katie. With the help of sponsors, parents were given the opportunity to attend for free, including childcare which was offered by the Autism Treatment Center of America!

One-on-one interaction is a key component of The Son-Rise Program. While providing childcare at the conference, our Child Facilitators and Teachers had an exciting opportunity to share The Son-Rise Program Philosophy with a group of 32 children… something they had never done before. While staying present, sustaining The Three E's (Energy, Enthusiasm and Excitement) and maintaining an attitude of love and acceptance for the children, the ten Child Facilitators and Teachers worked together like a well-oiled machine in the hours spent with the children. The parents reported significant changes.

Raun K. Kaufman, Director of Global Education and Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher and Trainer, presented Autism Revolution: Breakthrough Strategies for Parents. Raun's presentation provided concrete, innovative strategies for parents to implement immediately. He recounted his own story of recovery from Autism and detailed simple techniques from The Son-Rise Program, which include being able to move beyond stimming (without you stopping or discouraging your child's behavior), learn new skills (without you having to push or pressure), and, most especially, to form meaningful, caring relationships with you and others.

As a child, Raun K. Kaufman, was himself diagnosed with irreversible Autism with an I.Q. of less than 30. His parents' loving determination to help their son and refusal to accept professionals' prognoses, led to their son's full recovery and creation of The Son-Rise Program. Mr. Kaufman went on to graduate with a degree in Biomedical Ethics from the Ivy League's Brown University.

During the AutismOne Awards Gala, The Son-Rise Program was recognized with multiple nominations and wins from the Autism community. The voting included input from over 4,000 Autism professionals and parents from the United States and abroad. The Son-Rise Program was the only organization recognized with two awards:

Barry Neil Kaufman, Co-Founder of The Son-Rise Program, is grateful for these awards and this recognition from the Autism community:

"Now more Moms and Dads will hear about The Son-Rise Program as a highly powerful and effective method to reach and help their children with Autism. The recognition of the importance of The Son-Rise Program's unique focus on joining children in their world and bonding through parental love is not only profoundly meaningful but creates the possibility for helping our children create nurturing relationships and build wonderful lives. We not only bring hope and optimism to the families we teach, we give them the method and the tools to transform their children's lives."

Best Autism Therapy Award group picture holding award

From left to right - Becky Damgaard (Son-Rise Program Teacher); Brandi Davis, Amanda Louison, Amy Beth Barton (Son-Rise Program Child Facilitators); Kate Wilde (Director of The Son-Rise Program); Sebastian McCabe (Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator); Bryn Hogan (Executive Director of the Autism Treatment Center of America), Raun K. Kaufman (Director of Global Education), Susan Humphries (Son-Rise Program Teacher); Juliet Temourian (Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator); (NOT SHOWN) Camila Titone (Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator) and Brian Nelson (Son-Rise Program Senior Family Counselor)

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Voted Best Autism Therapy by Autism1

Amanda Louison, Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator, recounts her experience while providing childcare at the AutismOne National Conference:

"We had one parent who said her daughter had been with the same babysitter for two years and cried every day for most of the day. However, she only cried briefly during her transition to The Son-Rise Program childcare room. The rest of the day she playfully popped bubbles and laughed from her belly as she received loving tickles. Her parents said she appeared calmer and happier. All this because we loved her, laughed with her, accepted her, and cheered for her all day long." Read More from Amanda's recap of the conference.

Take a look at photos from the AutismOne National Conference.

"In just five days of training on The Son-Rise Program techniques I have seen changes in Jack which I thought would take months to accomplish. His speech has dramatically improved, he no longer shouts at us, and is a lot calmer and happier. In addition it has been immensely personally rewarding for me. Wonderful! I cannot thank you enough."

Valerie T., Pennsylvania

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"Just two months after completing The Son-Rise Program Start-Up our son began to speak. His eye contact increased and he even began to interact with kids his own age. After 9.5 months, we took him to be re-diagnosed... He was diagnosed as no longer on the Autism Spectrum. We did it! We did it! We did it! The Son-Rise Program Start-Up proved itself. We have to thank many people, like the Kaufman family that courageously created The Son-Rise Program, and the people who gave their hearts in helping our son."

Noam & Limor C., Israel