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Q&A Session 9

Q&A Session 9 with the Director of The Son-Rise Program, Bryn N. Hogan

Topic: Diagnosed with Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Q: My son is 3 ½ years old, diagnosed with Sensory Intergration Dysfunction, Developmental Delay, and at risk for ADHD. He is just beginning to speak in sentences but with poor eye contact most of the time, has strange behaviors i.e., screaming, blinking at me, running away for no reason, and a very short attention span. Some days are worse than others, this makes every day a coin toss of how bad it will be. Large crowds make him hyperactive so going out is difficult. He is getting >therapies - brushing, special education classes, O.T. and speech. Your program sounds wonderful, but could it help with S.I.? And I stay at home to work with him plus have two other small children. . . how do others afford the training?

Thank you for your informative website.

A: We're glad you've found the website helpful.

In reading your description of your son, the Son-Rise Program could absolutely be helpful for him. We help families help their children to increase their eye contact, speech, attention span, social skills, motor skills, imitation skills, self-help skills, eating habits, sleeping habits, academics, as well as provide guidance on how to be with him when he does (as you call them) “strange behaviors”. We also help children in other areas!

The Son-Rise Start-Up Program is the way to begin your Son-Rise training, no question about it. Then, our Maximum Impact course is the second step in your learning process.

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Q&A Session 9