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Q&A Session 8

Q&A Session 8 with the Director of The Son-Rise Program, Bryn N. Hogan

Topic: Making a Difference with The Son-Rise Program

Q: What is it about the Son-Rise Organization that makes such a difference with individuals with autism? What is it that you do that other therapists do not do?


A: Great questions, Lara!

Firstly, the program is a one-on-one, home-based program directed by the child’s parents.

The main thing we do more than any other program I’ve ever heard of is we focus on the emotions of the people working with the child. Our experience is that the more accepting and non-judgemental a facilitator is, the more a child responds to that. We all respond better to being loved!

The way we tangibly manifest this attitude is through joining. When a child does a repetitious or exclusive behavior (lining objects up, flapping hands, verbal repetitions, etc.), we join in and do the behavior along with the child! This is because when a child is doing this self-stimulation (we call this an “Ism”), it is the time when the child is most removed from human interaction. We want to show the child that we accept him (or her) right where he is, without needing him to change first. This ultimately makes us more compelling to be with. We establish this commonality, and then, when the child is ready to interact, we use the motivations of the child to powerfully and delightfully challenge him.

So, not only are the methods different then what other therapists do, the entire feel of the sessions with the children are different because we are enjoying ourselves nd the child so much!

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Q&A Session 8