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Q&A Session 8

Q&A Session 8 with the Director of The Son-Rise Program, Bryn N. Hogan

Topic: Time in the Playroom

Q: First we would like to thank you and the staff at the Option Institute for all the help you have given us. In January we went to the Start-Up Program in Holland and every thing has changed since then. We have a son Victor who is 3 years of age with the diagnosis Autism. We have been running a Son-Rise program approximately 8 hours a day since February and we feel that we have got our boy back. This summer we are going to England for the maximum impact.

For how many hours at the time are you in the room? Two hours?

Hope you could read my poor English?

Søren and Trine

A: Come on, your English is great!
It is heartwarming to hear how Victor has responded to the Program. So many families write us with similar stories. I worked with a couple last week whose child, who was non-verbal twelve months ago, is now speaking in sentences consistently. They feel they can be with their child in extraordinary ways, and he is with them more and more. Wow. I love this program.
We don’t have time to get to all the questions you wrote, so you'll have to save some of them for next week in London (Maximum Impact)!

In terms of how many hours in the room at a time, there is no hard and fast rule. Our experience is that children adapt very quickly to however long you have them in the playroom.

For yourselves, the question is how long do you want to spend in the playroom? If two hours is good for you, great! If you would prefer to do one hour, no problem! I know some parents who love doing six hours per day! The most important thing is not to push yourself to do more than you want to. We have seen that one hour in the playroom that you want to do has more impact than eight hours that you don’t want to do. This is how you can stay fresh and energized with your program. So: enjoy, do as much as feels good to you, and don’t push yourself to do more than you really want to.

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Q&A Session 8