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Q&A Session 7

Q&A Session 7 with the Director of The Son-Rise Program, Bryn N. Hogan

Topic: Special Kindergarten Class

Q: My 5 year old granddaughter is autistic. She is in a special class. I have seen some improvement in her in the last year. She is starting to say words but does this when she wants to. She is very strong willed. She does seem to understand everything you say to her. If we are very firm about something, she does sometimes follow directions. She is very difficult to get to sleep at night. She pinches and bites her mother when she tries to get her to sleep. She can be very affectionate. She lets us hug and kiss her and she does kiss back. She is in a special kindergarten class. I feel that more needs to be done. Can you offer any advice?

Dina R.

A: Dina, I agree, more could be done. Consider doing a Son-Rise Program for your granddaughter. It encompasses so many useful components to help her. Some of the main concepts are:

  • Environment: We teach parents and professionals to use a non-distracting playroom to help the child focus on the person they are with and the activity they are doing.
  • Attitude: We focus on the parent/facilitator’s emotional comfort level because we see how much this impacts the children. The children respond so strongly to this.
  • Joining: Rather than try to inhibit a child’s exclusive and repetitious behaviors, we teach parents to join in with them to create a deeper relationship and bonding.
  • Motivation: We’ll teach your family how to use the things your granddaughter enjoys the most to teach her all the skills that are most important for her to learn.
  • This is all taught in our Son-Rise Program Start-Up. Information about it is on the link in the upper left.

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Q&A Session 7