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Q&A Session 7

Q&A Session 7 with the Director of The Son-Rise Program, Bryn N. Hogan

Topic: Jordan in the BBC Documentary “I want My Little Boy Back”

Lisa Maeorg from Adelaide, South Australia here. I spoke with you by phone last November... I want to know what has been happening with Jordan, the little boy in the B.B.C. Documentary "I want my little boy back"... Do you know?

Lisa M.

A: (For those who don't know, the BBC did a documentary about one family’s journey through The Son-Rise Program. If you haven't seen this, We highly recommend it. You can order it by calling: (413) 229-2100 or 1-877-SONRISE .)

We spoke with Jordan’s father, Peter, just a few months ago. This is what he said when asked about Jordan:

“His language has improved... he can now be understood. He can now ask for something in a sentence, like: ‘Daddy, can I have a biscuit please’. His reading is fantastic, and he understands the story and what is happening when he reads. The school can’t believe how well he’s doing. They feel he's very sociable as a result of The Son-Rise Program.”

This is what Peter said about The Son-Rise Program:

“When we look back on it, it gave us a new lease on life. We can't praise the program enough. We look back with admiration. It changed our lives.
We strongly recommend that other families do it.”

Jordan still has some challenges, and they continue to work with that sweet boy.

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Q&A Session 7