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Q&A Session 3

Q&A Session 3 with the Director of The Son-Rise Program, Bryn N. Hogan

Topic: Diagnosed With Autism

Q: Dear Bryn,
My name is Linda and I live in a little town in Wyoming. I have a son who is 19 and I need some help. I have been reading about autism and think my son has a form of it. When he was little he exhibited some signs, but in many ways he grew quite normally. He Literally rocked his crib to pieces as a baby. He would get on his hands and knees and rock back and forth and say “AHHH Ahhh AHHH” for hours. When he got a bit older he loved music and would sit and rock to the music. He would do it in cars or rocking chairs. Even to this day he has been through many banana chairs and carpets from listening to LOUD music and rocking back and forth. His school years weren’t too bad. He didn’t seem to have many friends and the ones he did have were the ones no one else ran around with. He didn’t keep them for very long because he was always mean, selfish and bossy. He actually did well in the school subjects that were exactas. He has never had any common sense and believes any weird abstract things people tell him. He has a horrible temper and if things don't go exactly how he wants he goes crazy. Then in a few minutes he is fine. Things are never his fault. He feels the whole world is picking on him and he can’t conform. He can’t seem to understand directions and does things the easy way instead of the right way. He has always had so many fears about so many things in life. Now that he is out of school he doesn’t fit into the norm. He worked at one job and got fired after a week because he did what he wanted, not what he was suppose to. He is a compulsive liar. He has obsessive tendencies, such as he ties and reties his shoes many times to get it just the same on each foot. He kept his room immaculate (which has been a joy to me, his mother, but it doesn’t seem normal) We hardly ever can have a normal conversation with him because he is always right and just throws the weirdest stuff into the conversations. At age 19 he acts more like a 14 year old . We, his parents, are very worried about him. We got him into counseling but he didn't want to be there because he thinks there is nothing wrong with him. He also has Raynauds, which is an autoimmune problem. He is on Celexa which has helped a bit with his violent temper. One time he chopped our counter up because there was no peanut butter in the cupboard. We love him and don’t know where to turn to help him fit in. Am I totally off base thinking this may be a form of autism? Please let us know. We are at our wits end.

Name: Linda M. State: Wyoming Child: David, 19 years old Diagnosis: Raynauds

A: Dear Linda,
Thank you so much for asking this question. As you may know, one of the main principles of The Son-Rise Program is “The parent is the child’s best Resource”, and with this in mind, I put great value and meaning to your observations. From what you have written, I think it is absolutely possible that your son could be diagnosed with some form of Autism. I also think it is possible that he may have other challenges. We would want to talk to you more in depth to help you to determine how to best suport David and help him to grow and to help your family as a whole. Since you posted your address and information I am going to have someone call and make an appointment for you with one of our Family Counselors (there is no charge for this service) so you can take some time on the phone and we can determine how we can help you and support you.

With warm regards,
Bryn Hogan

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Q&A Session 3