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Q&A Session 3

Q&A Session 3 with the Director of The Son-Rise Program, Bryn N. Hogan

Topic: Brain Development Delay and Physical Therapy

Q: Dear Bryn,
My son is 20 months old and at this point he still can’t sit or walk. Medical analysis has shown that there is a brain development delay. He has improved somewhat by himself and the doctors have said that he will sit and walk eventually. They advise me to start physical therapy to solve his problem. I need your advice.

Name: Khalid A. Child: 20 months Diagnosis: Developmental Delay

A: Dear Khalid,
I would love to have more information about your son in order to best suggest what we can offer you. Please call our office and make an appointment (free of charge) with one of our Family Counselors who would be happy to talk to you at length about your son and about how we might be able to help. Please do contact us and we can also send you more information in the mail.

Warm regards,
Bryn Hogan

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Q&A Session 3