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Q&A Session 2

Q&A Session 2 with the Director of The Son-Rise Program, Bryn N. Hogan

Topic: Concentration Problems

Q: Hello,
My name is Sonja Buysrogge. Gino is my husband. We have a son, Tim. He is diagnosed with PDD-NOS and is six and a half. He has attended a school for children with special needs since he was a year old. We also administer a medication. Since we started that, Tim responds more to us and we can reach him better. When we stopped giving him the medicine he became again almost unreachable and very very busy. We cannot correct him at such moments nor can he help himself when he is like that. We already tried several therapies. Maybe I’m a big dreamer, but I have this strong feeling that he has so much in him, but there is this big hindrance that prevents his development. Concentration is a big, big problem and so is his behavior especially when he is with other kids. He would like to play with them very much, but he doesn't know how to behave and he’ll end up in making funny movements and funny faces.

At the moment; I’m teaching him to read. When he is able to concentrate on it, this goes well. He’s able to learn things. He’s able to read simple four-word sentences.

Tim really is a very lovely and beautiful child. We love him so very much, and he is able to communicate his love for us, too. He has a baby sister who is 10 months younger. Just today he told me again how happy he is with Fransien. He likes to play with her, and she likes playing with her big brother, too.

I probably can write a whole book about my little boy, but I will stop now. Maybe we can contact and I’ll write a lot more some other time about him.

I read the books “Son-rise (Verbroken Stilte), A Miracle To Believe In” and “Happiness Is A Choice”. I found them to be very helpful.

I regret not having known about The Son-Rise Program in Rotterdam I really want to do all that’s possible and all that’s in my ability to help my child to be as happy as can be in this world.

I hope to hear from you soon and thank you already.

Name: Sonja and Gino B. Country: Holland Child: Tim, 61/2 years Diagnosis: PDD-NOS

A: Dear Sonja,
Your love for your son is so apparent in this communication. It is wonderful to hear the ways in which you value and appreciate and believe in him - he is lucky to have you loving him.

At this time, perhaps it would be more helpful for Tim if you focused less on academics (i.e. learning to read and write) and more on socialization. We have found that it can be incredibly helpful for you to create a place in your home (a “playroom”) which you can use to work with him. In this way, you can filter out distractions that may make socialization and learning difficult for him, and help him to grow and blossom. You may want to begin by simply following his lead as much as possible. Play the games he chooses, and fully enjoy them! By doing this you can demonstrate that people are easy to be with and interact with. As you notice he responds to this (perhaps communicating more, looking at you more, etc), you can begin to suggest activities and games that may be new or more challenging for him. Rather than focus on academic learning, if you focus on social interaction, he will be more able to concentrate and focus and then he will be able to take in information more quickly and with more ease.

As you have written, there is so much more you could tell me about Tim. I am sure you may have more questions.. I think it would be very, very helpful if you could contact us and speak with one of our Family Counselors (no charge) so that they may make some additional suggestions and share with you ways that we might be able to help you further.

Wishing you the best with Tim,

Bryn Hogan

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Q&A Session 2