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Son-Rise Program Staff at the Autism Treatment Center of America

Son-Rise Program Teachers:

Barry Neil Kaufman

Senior Teacher/Trainer
Samahria Lyte Kaufman

Senior Teacher/Trainer
Raun K Kaufman

Son-Rise Program
Group Facilitator
Bryn Hogan

ATCA Senior Staff
Son-Rise Program Teacher and Group Facilitator

Kate Wilde

ATCA Senior Staff
Son-Rise Program Teacher and Group Facilitator

Becky Damgaard

ATCA Staff
Son-Rise Program Teacher

Camila Frauendorf-Titone

ATCA Staff
Son-Rise Program Teacher

Senior Program Advisors:

Meet Amanda Louison,
Senior Program Advisor

Meet Lori Pete,
Senior Program Advisor

Meet Emily Aronow,
Program Advisor

Recommended Licensed Son-Rise Program Professional Network Including Staff Bios

In an effort to help you as you move through your journey with your child, we have created a list of individuals that we recommend that you use if you are looking for Son-Rise Program Support Services (Consultations, Outreaches, Video Feedback, etc.). We understand that some parents are confused regarding the status of previously and currently licensed practitioners.

Below you will find a list of Son-Rise Program service providers that we are excited to recommend to you. Any individuals that you learn of that are not listed below may not be included for one of the following reasons:

Important note: When checking the credentials of any service provider please note that having participated in a Son-Rise Program training experience does not necessarily mean that an individual has a current license nor does it mean that they are recommended by the Autism Treatment Center of America. Please check our list of recommended practitioners or contact us directly to ensure you are receiving the quality and expertise that you and your child require.

Son-Rise Program Child Facilitators:

Brandi Davis

Certified Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator

Suzanne Pruss
Licensed Son-Rise Program Instructor

Jack Mason-Goodall
Certified Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator

The following document was created to help families using The Son-Rise Program to understand our training process. It should ensure that the individuals whom you enlist to support your family are qualified and capable of providing the services you require. In the past, we have seen individuals misrepresent themselves as qualified to provide services that they were never trained by our organization to provide, or by presenting themselves as “licensed” by the Autism Treatment Center of America when they were not.

We are providing you with an overview of our Son-Rise Program Training Process which is used for our staff as well as our Licensed Providers. Below, you will find a brief description of the services each person is trained to provide so that you will be informed about those who are claiming to provide services that they are not qualified to provide, and can ensure that you are working with the most qualified and capable individuals.

Professional Training Programs

At the Autism Treatment Center of America, we offer two training programs: Son-Rise Program Staff Child Facilitator and Son-Rise Program Staff Teacher.

The Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator Training Program involves three years of in-depth, hands-on professional training.

Son-Rise Program Staff Child Facilitators and Licensed Providers have been trained to provide the following services:

The Son-Rise Program Instructor training is no longer available. Additional training was provided to allow the individual experience working with many different volunteers and support staff involved in the lives of children with special needs. Instructors may provide the following services:

The Son-Rise Program Teacher Training Program is only available to those who have successfully completed training as Son-Rise Program Child Facilitators. Four years of additional training is provided which includes:

Son-Rise Program Teachers are highly trained and experienced individuals. They have the capacity to teach all aspects of The Son-Rise Program to individuals, families and volunteer teams. In addition, they are trained to provide guidance, problem solving solutions and attitudinal support throughout your program with your child. They are trained to provide the following services:

Professional Re-Licensing Policy

We require all Licensed Son-Rise Program Child Facilitators, Instructors and Teachers who are not working at the Autism Treatment Center of America to complete a skill assessment process every three years so that we may ensure that they have maintained their skills and are able to continue to provide quality service to families and children. If an individual does not initially meet the standards for Licensing, we offer clear feedback on the necessary points of change and the opportunity to submit further samples of their work.

*These are independent operators and as such The Option Institute and the Autism Treatment Center of America (ATCA) has no responsibility for their actions and makes no claims or warranties.

*ATCA’s list of recommended professionals is compiled at the sole discretion of ATCA. As a result, there is no set of specific requirements that will guarantee a professional’s inclusion on the list. In the process of deciding whether to recommend a professional, ATCA takes into account a variety of different considerations included but not limited to the following: (a) Licensing status; (b) training; (c) experience; (d) effectiveness; (e) the manner in which a professional repesents herself/himself; and (e) adherence to ATCA’s principles/philosophies.