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Suzanne Pruss - Son-Rise Program Instructor

Name: Suzanne Pruss

Title: Son-Rise Program Instructor

Region: US/Australia

Phone: 310.883.8992


Areas of Expertise & Services:


It has been 20 fantastic years playing with children on the autism spectrum and helping their families and teams using The Son-Rise Program. I was certified as a Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator and Son-Rise Program Instructor and after 12 years of being on staff at the Autism Treatment Center of America I transitioned into the Son-Rise Program Professional Network. I have worked with Approximately 1000 children and their families one-on-one with the privilege of contributing to programs recovering their children (including Bryn and William Hogan’s program for their daughter Jade). I have experienced managing a program fulltime for 18 months, traveled to many programs world-wide including: USA, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, UK and Wales. I am passionate about the Son-Rise Program as a treatment for autism as well as a unique and effective parenting program. It offers the tools for happiness, profound connection and deep relationships for us all. One of my greatest joys is that I get to travel to my home country, Australia, and pay it forward to the Son-Rise families there.


“Suzanne has made an amazing impact on my life and those of my family. She stepped serenely into our house and started playing with our children like no one has ever done before. We heard her outrageous laugh and experienced the sincerity she showed in each and every interaction with us and we were hooked! Suzanne showed us how it could look to be really present in the playroom with our own son, Ed, how to decide to love and not hold back. Suzanne always has insightful comments, advice or ideas on playroom issues, as well as perspectives that help directly with questions about the Son-Rise Program experience for siblings, scheduling, and attitude in life in general. She is gold. Suzanne has been one of the most influential people in my love and I love her dearly. I appreciate her love, support and guidance throughout our Son-Rise Program and as we have transitioned and continue to learn about life beyond our beautiful playroom. I would recommend you to invite her into your life, no matter what stage of your Son-Rise Program you are at.”

Angie Bambach, Bachelor of Economics, NSW, Australia
Son-Rise Mum.