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Raun K. Kaufman - Director of Global Education

Name: Raun K. Kaufman

Title: Director of Global Education

Region: Full-time Staff, Available Worldwide

Phone: 1-413-229-2100


Areas of Expertise & Services:


“It has been my honor to work with The Son-Rise Program for the past 13 years. A certified Son-Rise Program Teacher and Teacher Trainer, I am the Autism Treatment Center of America’s former CEO and current Director of Global Education. I have had the privilege of connecting with so many parents during my lectures internationally and throughout the U.S., all of whom deeply love and want to help their children. In this work with families and professionals, I also bring my own very personal experience.

As a young boy, I was diagnosed as severely autistic, with no language and a tested I.Q. under 30. Although advised to institutionalize me, my parents, Barry Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman (see their bios), instead developed The Son-Rise Program and worked with me for over three years, enabling me to recover completely with no trace of my former condition. (Our story was recounted by my father in the best-selling book Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues and was later the subject of an award-winning NBC television movie Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love.) I went on to graduate from the Ivy League’s Brown University with a degree in Biomedical Ethics, something that was never supposed to be in the cards for me. In fact, it still astounds me that everything has come full circle - that I can now help other children to step across the bridge I once crossed myself.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to reach out to people who are not yet aware of the principles of The Son-Rise Program through the journal articles I have written, as well as through my discussions of autism in radio, television, internet, and print interviews.

As the future unfolds, I will continue to lecture and teach at universities, conferences, and, of course, in many of the Autism Treatment Center of America’s on-site programs. My cheers go out to all of the families working with such love and diligence to help their special children.”

Quotes from Son-Rise Program Parents

“Raun is the most outstanding teacher I have ever encountered. Truly exceptional. Raun has such enthusiasm - it radiates from him.”

Hilary Farmer, Dyslexia Educational Consultant, England

“I have learned a great deal from Raun in the short time we had him teaching. He is fast paced, humorous, and able to identify and help me identify clear, simple beliefs that were never apparent. If something cannot be fully explained, he creates a question for the participant to reflect on later. A question that usually has an amazing resonating message that could benefit the group. His teaching style is AMAZING and FUN!!! Thanks for the “AHA” moments.”

Rachel Porter, Nurse, Massachusetts

“An excellent teacher. I loved every class I had with him. He’s very clear and articulate and conveyed a lot of information in a fun, exciting, flexible teaching style. I believe that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to take one of his classes without learning something incredibly useful.”

Netty Yasin, Full Time Son-Rise Mom, United Kingdom
Child’s Name: Saira / Age: 10 / Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disorder

“I love Raun’s style of teaching! I feel he is so wanting the group to do well! I find Raun’s very clear and precise in his teaching. He is always spot on. Great inspiration, would love to be able to do .10% of what he does!”

Stelios Angelides, Care Manager & Son-Rise Dad, England
Child’s Name: Lisa / Age: 30 / Diagnosis: Learning Disorder, Mental Retardation

“Has a lot of “energy” as he teaches and his enthusiasm is contagious! He, too, is a skilled teacher when explaining thoughts and techniques. And he&rsquols truly inspiring as to how the Son-Rise Program can change a person’s life as he is a testament to it himself.”

Nicola Smith, Specialist Nursery Nurse, England
Child’s Name: Harry / Age: 5 / Diagnosis: Autistic Spectrum Disorder

“A class with Raun is a roller coaster with no brakes! Not afraid to ask the outrageous question, with the fine timing of the best stand-up artists and a brilliant mind, Raun will take you on a learning journey you never forget.”

Joellyn Kopecky, Event Planner and Publicist, New York

“I thought his teaching was great, very playful, and very easy to access and clear. His ability to “step into a role” easily takes on various explorers to highlight the concepts he was guiding us in learning was fabulous.”

Michelle Bensky, Anat Baniel Method Practicing, California