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Kate Wilde - Son-Rise Program Teacher

Name: Kate Wilde

Title: Director, The Son-Rise Program

Region: Full-time Staff, Available Worldwide

Phone: 1-413-229-2100

Areas of Expertise & Services:


“I have spent nearly the whole of my working life playing with children and helping families using The Son-Rise Program. My journey to the Autism Treatment Center of America began when I was 13 and watched Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love. The attitude of love and acceptance and the idea that you can overcome anything intrigued me, and I wanted to have that in my life. From that point on, I focused my life’s purpose on loving and teaching children with developmental challenges. I feel honored and excited to be working with these children and their amazing families. I began volunteering, became a certified Son-Rise Program Teacher in 1997, and now direct The Son-Rise Program, run training programs, teach groups of parents, work one-on-one with families and children, regularly post my thoughts and activities on The Son-Rise Program blog, and travel to the UK to train parents and staff there.”

Quotes from Son-Rise Program Parents

“I love Kate!! Her strength in purpose pours out!! She is calm, clear and teaches the material with ease!!”

Barry Bartlett, Artist Teacher, New York
Child’s Name: Samuel / Age: 9 / Diagnosis: PDD/NOS

“She is funny, warm, smart, logical and kind. These traits are why she is an amazing teacher. I never get confused or lost in her teaching as she is clear, concise and is always able to present the information beautifully.”

Nancy C. Siercho, Son-Rise Mom, New Jersey
Child: David: Age: 11 Diagnosis: Autism

“Kate’s wealth of experiences and big heart made her an ideal person to help us through playroom struggles.”

Darva Campbell, Music Teacher, California
Child’s Name: Nick Papazian Age: 13 Diagnosis: Autism & PDD

“Kate sparkles and tickles her “students,” while being sharp as an arrow. She is straight, loving, warm, funny and engaging. I get excited when she walks into the room.”

Kelli Pallett, Son-Rise Mom, Canada
Child: Jordyn / Age: 7 / Diagnosis: Autism

“Spellbinding. Kate really communicated her material in a way that was very clear and in a smooth manner that was mesmerizing.”

Chris Nickel, Financial Advisor, Michigan
Child’s Name: Micah Age: 5 Diagnosis: Autism

“Kate is a god send! Before her talk, I had committed myself to a Son-Rise Program lifestyle, but no more. I felt in my heart I did not have the time or resources to run a program. As I listened to her talk about volunteers, I found myself making lists of people to recruit, to assist in building a playroom, and of places to find volunteers to work in the playroom and times when I could be in the playroom. Because of her I KNOW I can do this!”

Spring Peden, Mangerial, Minnesota
Child’s Name: Scarlett / Age:3 ½ / Diagnosis: Autism

“Outstanding and delightfully entertaining as a teacher. Her depth of experience shined through and she gave us the confidence to go out and succeed on our own by believing we had the answers inside ourselves anyway. I appreciated her no-nonsense approach to answering our questions - we felt very clear and encouraged by her professional- yet-sincere manner.”

Clara Jones, Musician-Teacher, Martinez, Georgia
Child’s Name: Maya / Age: 10 / Diagnosis: PPD

“Kate’s sincerity made her so compelling to listen to and watch. I admire her confidence and vision that every child can do it if we only know how to help them. Her language session was one of the most valuable for me of the entire week.”

Amy Papazian, Son-Rise Mom, California
Child’s Name: Nick / Age: 13 / Diagnosis: PPD-NOS