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Juliet Temourian - Son-Rise Program® Child Facilitator

Name: Juliet Temourian

Title:Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator

Region: Autism Treatment Center of America in Sheffield, Massachusetts.

Phone: 1-413-229-2100




“My love and passion for working with children with autism began when I was introduced to The Son-Rise Program in 1997 in London, where I volunteered for a family for almost two years. Following my new-found passion, I volunteered with other Son-Rise Program families in the USA and eventually pursued my dream to become a Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator at the Autism Treatment Center of America. Originally from Iran, I love working with The Son-Rise Program because every day I have the opportunity to unconditionally love these amazing children.”

Quotes from Son-Rise Program Parents

“Juliet was so warm and so sweet with Elise. Totally confident and prepared. She really knew what she was doing. She exhibited fun, excitement, and a soft can caring connection to Elise.”

Pete Etheridge, Son-Rise Volunteer, Illinois
Child's Name: Elise / Age: 4 / Diagnosis: Autism

“Juliet’s energy is awesome and she had awesome 3Es! I will be taking all the knowledge she imparted to me aboard when I get home!”

Jenny McKernon, Son-Rise Mom, England Child's Name: Sam / Age: 6 / Diagnosis: ASD

“Juliet was super, lots of great ideas, so loving and caring.”

Brad Haynes, Consultant, Australia
Child's Name: Hannah / Age: 8 / Diagnosis: Severe Autism

“Juliet was loving and caring. She explained things so well and was so patient with Adam. She was so observant of physical issues Adam had and was super ‘user friendly’.”

Chrissy Butcher, Son-Rise Program Mom, Florida
Child's Name: Adam / Age 6 / Diagnosis: Autism