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Camila Frauendorf Titone - Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator

Name: Camila Frauendorf-Titone

Title: Son-Rise Program Teacher

Region: Autism Treatment Center of America in Sheffield, Massachusetts.

Phone: 1-413-229-2100




“I am a certified Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator and I have been working at the Autism Treatment Center of America since 2005. I believe I have the best job in the world and I am incredibly passionate and grateful for working and helping special children and their families. Originally from Brazil and with a background in arts, I find I can be my most creative and fun self in the Son Rise playroom. Currently working part–time I am on my path to become a Son Rise Program teacher.”

Quotes from Son-Rise Program Parents

“A peaceful amazing woman. So clear and on point and makes everyone feel valued and heard while keeping to the material she is imparting to us. Fun, animated and passionate about what she is creating for us and our program. I was so inspired in her classes by who she was being and her prowess with the material.”

Kelli Pallett, Canada, Son-Rise Program Mom
Child's Name: Jordyn / Age: 7 / Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder

“Camila has such a gentle approach, almost a dancing quality in how she moves and talks! I loved her group facilitation! Such a great model to follow! Thank you!”

Lejla Somun-Krupalija, City Counselor and Deputy Director, Bosnia
Child's Name: Istra / Age: 8 / Diagnosis: PDD-NOS

“This was the first time I had met Camila and yet I felt I had known her for years. She was so warm, enthusiastic and helpful. She clearly loved our son and inspired us to administer the best program for him.”

Ramesh Sethia, Son Rise Program Dad, England
Child's Name: Maehul / Age: 12 / Diagnosis: SPEC, UDX

“This is the teacher that I was privileged to spend the most time with. She worked amazingly with Joshua and watching them play was truly inspiring. During the classes she was knowledgeable and able to get her point across easily. She seemed sweet by nature and was enthusiastic about everything.”

Emily Berghdtz, Volunteer, Florida
Child's Name: Josh / Age: 6 / Diagnosis: PDD-NOS

“Great teacher! Such a beautiful woman with a beautiful personality, her love and delight in these special children shines through in everything she does.”

Jenny McKernon, Son-Rise Mom, London
Child's Name: Sam / Age: 6 / Diagnosis: ASD