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Bryn Hogan - Director of the Autism Treatment Center of America & Certified Son-Rise Program Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Name: Bryn Hogan

Title: Executive Director of the Autism Treatment Center of America

Region: Full-time Staff, Available Worldwide

Phone: 1-413-229-2100

Areas of Expertise & Services:


“When my parents created The Son-Rise Program for my younger brother Raun (who was diagnosed with Autism), I was just a child. I remember the love and the joyful sounds coming from the room where they worked with my brother. Wanting to be a teacher, I have been a home-health aide, a camp counselor for special needs children and a special education teacher. I yearned to be with children in the most loving way possible and in the way other parents were taught to help their children at the center founded by my parents in 1983.

In 1990 I came to train at the Autism Treatment Center of America. After I became a teacher and started a family this program became even more personal when my husband and I discovered that our daughter had autistic tendencies. Running a Son-Rise Program for her I experienced first hand the deep yearning of a mother who only wanted to reach her child. This program forever changed our family. It was the greatest experience of my life.

Today I work with families and children from all over the globe offering them a program that is effective, powerful and based on an attitude of love and acceptance. I do not see this as my job, but rather a blessing that is my life’s passion.”

Quotes about Bryn Hogan:

“You’re amazing, Bryn! Each time I share time with you, I love you more. Your words of encouragement, teaching and advice strike just the right balance to help me realign myself attitudinally with myself, my son and my Son-Rise Program. Things/issues always seem to become so clear when you remind us to focus on the basics. Thank you! Thank you!”

Liz Kosior, Son-Rise Mom, Massachusetts
Childs Name: Joseph / Age: 6 / Diagnosis: PDD/NOS

“She’s so funny and yet she takes our questions very “seriously” and is soo full of ideas and suggestions. I’m thinking she’s incredibly creative, brilliant and can read minds.”

Cherrie Granlund, Full Time Son-Rise Mom, Sweden
Child: Juliette / Age: 7 / Diagnosis: Autism

“Bryn is a fantastic trainer filled with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. A master of knowledge inspired me and after the end of the program, I felt equipped with techniques and knowledge to improve the quality of life of my autistic son. “Yes we can.”

Justice Acungwire, Director, United Kingdom
Childs Name: Ethan / Age: 3 / Diagnosis: Autism

“A firecracker of love and such a deep well of knowledge. Bryn took each question and had it become a global learning, specifically, attitudinally for all of us.”

Kelli Pallett, Son-Rise Mom, Canada
Child: Jordyn / Age: 7 / Diagnosis: ASD

“Truly one of the finest speakers I have ever heard. I love the mixture of humorous antidotes, practical experiences and knowledge that is used in lectures. I felt like every topic was covered in a way that can only come from the wisdom of one who understands &ndqsh; who has been there. The caring and loving way that she interacted with the group and particularly individuals was inspiring in every way. My favorite lesson: “She who loves the most wins.” I will carry that line with me the rest of my life. Thank you!”

Suzanne Cook, House Cleaner, Oregon
Child’s Name: Jacob / Age: 19 / Diagnosis: Aspergers

“When Bryn walks into the room, its instant love, instant playfulness, and instant wisdom. Her experience as a Son-Rise Program sister, and then her experience as a Son-Rise Program Mom is invaluable and lends a deeper level to her teaching.”

Lorna Miller, Son-Rise Mom, California
Child’s Name: Ross / Age: 5 / Diagnosis: PDD & NOS

“Bryn captures the heart and head better than anyone I’ve ever met! Outstanding presentation approach-engaging, emotional, funny and real. Shows true understanding of parents, issues, concerns and knowledge of her subject.”

Kirt H., Advertising, North Carolina
Child’s Name: Daniel / Age: 19 / Diagnosis: PDD

“Bryn is a consummate teacher, passionate, knowledgeable, professional and engaging. She is 1000% effective in making the vision of the Son-Rise Program real for me. I am so inspired to create a new world for my daughter and me &ndqsh; a world of unlimited possibility. Thank you for your love and guidance.”

Annie Kwock, Realtor, Hawaii
Child’s Name: Alicia / Age: 18 / Diagnosis: Down Syndrome & Autism

“Bryn – you are my new hero. You have an amazing gift; a family who I feel from the bottom of heart has truly changed the lives of thousands and thousands of families. You are vibrant, beautiful and passionate. Thank you for teaching me how to live. At 44 years old, I have a brand new life with my own family as a result of what you have taught me.”

Deborah O., Son-Rise Mom / Residential Treatment, Oregon
Child’s Name: Trent / Age 10 / Diagnosis: Autism