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Amanda Louison - Son-Rise Program Advisor

Name: Amanda Louison

Title: Son-Rise Senior Program Advisor

Region: Autism Treatment Center of America in Sheffield, Massachusetts.

Phone: 1-413-229-2100

Client Testimonial:

“Amanda, I wanted to thank you for all of your help and giving us the opportunity to learn so much and to go the Son-Rise Program Start-Up. We have a renewed sense of hope and feel like we have found something that can really help us and our son, Cason out. We also feel like we have found a group of people that feels like family and can help us get through some of those "tryinig" moments. We really enjoyed everything about the program and our stay there on campus. Thank you so much again for helping us take the first step on this journey!!”

Tyler Kozlowski, Marketing, Arizona

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Amanda! She alone is the reason why I had the courage to come to my first program!”

Ashley Flanagan, Missionary, California

“Amanda has been amazing. I feel her encouragement and her cheering me on. I know that she is there if I ever feel the desire to reach out. She always answers my questions efficiently and quickly. Thank you!”

Ross Thompson, Social Worker, United Kingdom

“Amanda always checks in to see how I am doing. She always is always so genuine and caring in loving me. I appreciate her love and support!”

Jim Lewin, Real Estate Investor, New York