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The Son-Rise Program® FAQ

Do you have research and studies that support the efficacy of The Son-Rise Program®?

Will The Son-Rise Program® work for me? I am a (a single parent, working family, have more than one child, etc.)?

My daughter has High Functioning Autism and/or Asperger Syndrome. Would the program be helpful to her?

Will I learn more through The Son-Rise Program Online than I am learning by reading Raun K Kaufman's book, Autism Breakthrough?

Will I learn more through The Son-Rise Program In-Person than I am learning by reading Raun K Kaufman's Book, Autism Breakthrough?

Is your program effective with older children, teenagers and adults?

I know that your program has been very effective in increasing social interaction, but can it also improve academic and daily living skills?

Everything I have read states that my child has a permanent, lifelong disability with little hope for substantial progress, is this true?

You have stated that Autism can be cured? Isn't that offering “false hope”?

I am intrigued by your approach of "joining" my child's repetitious behaviors ("isms"), but I've been told this will just make him do it more. Is this true?

Does my child need a diagnosis in order for me to do The Son-Rise Program?

Does my insurance cover the cost of The Son-Rise Program Online or The Son-Rise Program In-Person?

How can I get help with my child's tantrums and aggressive behaviors?

Can The Son-Rise Program be used in conjunction with other therapies?