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Eight Fast facts about the Newly-Released
Son-Rise Program® Study

  1. Published in the Journal of Communication Disorders. This scientific journal is published by Elsevier - the world's leading provider of science and health information. Elsevier serves more than 30 million scientists, students and health and information professionals worldwide.
  2. This is the first scientific study, that has been fully peer (fellow professors/scientists/doctors in the field) reviewed, evaluating and demonstrating the effectiveness of The Son-Rise Program treatment.
  3. In the study, children who received Son-Rise Program treatment showed significant social/communication improvement over the course of the study compared to a control group, who did not receive any Son-Rise Program treatment.
  4. Interactive attention span and frequency of interactions showed significant improvement for the treatment group compared to the control group.
  5. The study tracked SPONTANEOUS social communicative interaction, (child initiated interaction versus prompted), showing the child's desire to interact with others, versus being told to!
  6. These findings are especially remarkable considering the relatively short (five-day) time period of Son-Rise Program intensive training, which the children in this study received.
  7. This study is very exciting as it paves the way for future research of The Son-Rise Program.
  8. The full study is viewable and downloadable from the following link Science Direct.




There's been a significant breakthrough in Autism treatment research and the application of The Son-Rise Program®! This week, the Journal of Communication Disorders, revealed findings of the study, Promoting Child-Initiated Social-Communication in Children with Autism: Son-Rise Program Intervention Effects, through Elsevier, the world's leading medical and scientific publisher.

This is the first scientific study evaluating and demonstrating the effectiveness of The Son-Rise Program treatment. The peer-reviewed study, conducted by Northwestern University, and Lancaster University in the UK, showed significant improvements in the social skills of children who received Son-Rise Program treatment compared to a control group who didn't receive any Son-Rise Program treatment. When working 40-hours a week with The Son-Rise Program Intensive Training, children with Autism Spectrum Disorders - including young children with severe Autism - demonstrated measurable improvement in three key areas:

  • Social/communication skills
  • Interactive attention span and frequency of interactions
  • Spontaneous social communicative interaction

What's especially remarkable is that the study (link, below) was conducted over a five-day period. This means that the children in the experiment showed quantifiable results in only a week of The Son-Rise Program! What's more, the study demonstrates and supports a child's spontaneous desire to connect with others -as opposed to therapies that focus on scripted and/or prompted behaviors.

Now that the scientific community supports The Son-Rise Program, removing doubt about the efficacy of our treatment, we expect it to serve as a catalyst, enabling families to get funding approval for program tuition from local and/or state sources ... and greater support for your Son-Rise Program. The next time someone asks you whether the Son-Rise Program is based on scientific evidence, you can answer with an emphatic, "Yes" and cite the study.

As you can imagine, we're thrilled to have empirical data validating what we've known for more than 35 years. Beginning with Raun, we've seen demonstrable, prognosis-defying results with The Son-Rise Program. Many of you have witnessed a transformation in your child that you had not previously dreamed possible.
Here's a link to the study