How do we cope with ultra HIGH excitment?!

How do we cope with ultra HIGH excitment?!

Postby Sue-Ellen B. » Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:44 am

Hello there everybody!!!

This is Enrique's Mom and I have a question that may sound kind of ODD?!

Enrique will go into these high speed moments when his little brother wakes up and comes out to play or if Daddy comes home. We feel that he is just really excited to see them because he hasn't seem them for so long.....(Like 2 or 3 hours). However my husband had a thought that maybe the high speed running around, throwing things at Silas or us, laughing - hysterically - could actually be because there is new dimention in the room that he can't deal with in himself.

Now the major problem here is the exact time he is doing this I can't whisk him off to the playroom to burn off some of these three E's because I have 1. another child to deal with, and 2. we are about to eat supper or else get ready to put him to bed and playroom time isn't on the cards right now!

He has soooo much energy and just goes, goes ,goes but this example I'm writing about seems a little too much. He seems to go into a sort of pain free, hearing free, place where what ever I might say or suggest falls apon deaf ears. He can do the most amazing things that I'm sure would hurt but obviously they don't!!! The activity must just feel REALLY GOOD!!!! Constant jumping off high things, the table the top of the couch, down the stairs, or he'll slide BUMP BUMP BUMP down the stairs on his stomach (OUCH?) over and over and over. :shock:

Apart from keeping him away from Silas to limit the frustrations (on Silas's part - he's 2 1/2 ) how can i help Enrique realize that everything will be alright.?

Any hints and tips would be welcome!!!

Thanks a mil'

Sue-Ellen B.
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Re: How do we cope with ultra HIGH excitment?!

Postby BeckyDamgaard » Wed Mar 14, 2012 11:03 am

Hello Sue!

I sincerely apologize for the delayed response and hope this question still applies to you all! Thank you for reaching out! it's wonderful that you are helping your beautiful boy in this way!

A couple of thoughts! First of all, looking into your sons diet sounds like it would be helpful. The things you are describing could be associated with a reaction to sugar, gluten or casein and could be affecting his whole bio-medical system. Sugar specifically can cause high energy and yeast overgrowth which can change behavior significantly.

Secondly, it sounds like he is having some sensory processing challenges and it might help to look into "HANDLE", "The Alert Progran" or "AIT" and "The Listening Program" All these therapies compliment The Son-Rise Program.

Something to try now would be giving him some sensory inpout regularly throughout the day so he can regulate himself evenly and not explode with intense energy all at one time. You could offer deep squeezes on his feet, hands and head, or give him a trampoline or therapy ball to bounce on or a swing to go in. I would even encourage him to go into the playroom by himself if he needs an outlet for his energy and you need to do other things. It's ok if he eats a little earlier of later than everyone else for now. it will help him in the longrun.

We wish you all the best!
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